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Oregon State Imposes Mandatory “Diversity Education” for Students Who Live on Campus

Oregon State Imposes Mandatory “Diversity Education” for Students Who Live on Campus

Forced indoctrination.

Where are all the student protesters when schools mandate programs like this one? All they all OK with being forced into such a program?

The Daily Caller reported:

Mandatory Social Justice Education Imposed On Oregon State Students

Oregon State University is instituting mandatory “diversity education” for students who live on campus.

To facilitate this development, the university has added an administrative position for anyone qualified in “social justice education” to oversee it.

First reported Monday by Campus Reform, the new position for “Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives and Programs” pays up to $61,500 and requires the successful applicant to have a “bachelor’s degree in social justice or a related field,” with at least “five years experience in diversity and social justice education.”

The administrator is required to lead the residential life staff to maintain the campus’s social justice and diversity program, mandatory for all student residents and student staff. The College Fix previously reported in 2016 that it was developing a “social justice” training course for incoming freshmen.

As Campus Reform notes, OSU is one of 232 American colleges and universities that operates a Bias Response Team to deal with incidences of racism, sexism, and perceived hate crimes on campus, as well as issues like microaggressions and online cyberbullying.


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These colleges appear to be merely giving jobs to the useless social justice degrees they have been handing out to the otherwise dull students.