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NYT Editor: “leaders of the Women’s March fawning over anti-Semites and cop killers”

NYT Editor: “leaders of the Women’s March fawning over anti-Semites and cop killers”

“cultivated a radical tenor that seems determined to alienate all but the most woke”

The Women’s March movement has embraced Linda Sarsour, Rasmea Odeh, and Assata Shakur. In a very short amount of time, they’ve gone to the extreme radical left and people are noticing.

What began as a protest of the election of Trump, has already devolved into an anti-police, anti-Israel caricature of the worst aspects of the far left.

We’ve noted this in prior posts:

Now, even some people in liberal media are catching on. Bari Weiss, a relatively new editor at the New York Times, addressed the issue in a recent column:

When Progressives Embrace Hate

The Women’s March moved me. O.K., so Madonna and Ashley Judd said some nutty things. But every movement has its excesses, I reasoned. Mr. Trump had campaigned on attacking the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. Now was the time to put aside petty differences and secondary issues to oppose his presidency.

That’s certainly what the leaders of the Democratic Party, who applauded the march, told us. Senator Charles Schumer called the protest “part of the grand American tradition.” The House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, offered her congratulations to the march’s “courageous organizers” and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gushed about them in Time, where they were among the top 100 most influential people of 2017. “The Women’s March was the most inspiring and transformational moment I’ve ever witnessed in politics,” she wrote. “And it happened because four extraordinary women — Tamika Mallory, Bob Bland, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour — had the courage to take on something big, important and urgent, and never gave up.”

The image of this fearsome foursome, echoed in more than a few flattering profiles, was as seductive as a Benetton ad. There was Tamika Mallory, a young black activist who was crowned the “Sojourner Truth of our time” by Jet magazine and “a leader of tomorrow” by Valerie Jarrett. Carmen Perez, a Mexican-American and a veteran political organizer, was named one of Fortune’s Top 50 World Leaders. Linda Sarsour, a hijab-wearing Palestinian-American and the former head of the Arab-American Association of New York, had been recognized as a “champion of change” by the Obama White House. And Bob Bland, the fashion designer behind the “Nasty Women” T-shirts, was the white mother who came up with the idea of the march in the first place.

What wasn’t to like?

A lot, as it turns out. The leaders of the Women’s March, arguably the most prominent feminists in the country, have some chilling ideas and associations. Far from erecting the big tent so many had hoped for, the movement they lead has embraced decidedly illiberal causes and cultivated a radical tenor that seems determined to alienate all but the most woke.

Note how Weiss introduced her story on Twitter:

It’s a point Professor Jacobson also made:

Weiss has been down this road before, in June she pointed out the hypocrisy of the “Dyke March” banning Jewish stars from their event:

I’m Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars

This weekend, at a lesbian march in Chicago, three women carrying Jewish pride flags — rainbow flags embossed with a Star of David — were kicked out of the celebration on the grounds that their flags were a “trigger.” An organizer of the Dyke March told the Windy City Times that the fabric “made people feel unsafe” and that she and the other members of the Dyke March collective didn’t want anything “that can inadvertently or advertently express Zionism” at the event.

Laurel Grauer, one of the women who was ejected, said she’d been carrying that Jewish pride flag in the march, held on the Saturday before the city’s official Pride Parade, for more than a decade. It “celebrates my queer, Jewish identity,” she explained. This year, however, she lost track of the number of people who harassed her for carrying it.

I’m sorry for the women, like Ms. Grauer, who found themselves under genuine threat for carrying a colorful cloth falsely accused of being pernicious.

But I am also grateful.

Has there ever been a crisper expression of the consequences of “intersectionality” than a ban on Jewish lesbians from a Dyke March?

The reaction on Twitter to her new column has been positive and surprised. Via Twitchy:


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Patrick Moynihan saw it: “Liberalism faltered when it turned
out it could not cope with truth. . . The liberal project
began to fail when it began to lie. That was the mid
sixties…the rot set in and has continued since.”

The Left will not face anything because that is their nature. Their way is the Way of the Angels. They are, in their minds, Justified.

THEIR grandparents were lemmings back in the 1960’s, their parents are lemmings and they are lemmings. Each reproduces after it’s kind… As Evergreen was in Olympia last summer, these beta females seek to make their entire generation. AND of course they will embrace Islam and hate Israel. Normalizing social destruction…

A couple of quick points…

There is a bell-curve in American politics. There are fringes on both the Right and the Left. The middle is a lot less crazy, and most don’t have any truck with Sharia or cop killers. It’s just stupid (and fringy) to see things as just two tribes.

As I’ve often said, a true statement or information is where you find it. The idiots who believe anything from any source without checking under the hood, and the opposite, cut off valuable information.

And then they slime those of us who won’t.

    Tom Servo in reply to Ragspierre. | August 2, 2017 at 9:32 am

    The article referenced, and the story above, never said anything about their being “only two tribes”.

    And no one disagrees about the “bell curve” existing in political attitudes, just as it occurs in almost everything related to human behavior.

    The point was that even former allies are now recognizing and admitting that the “Women’s March” organization has moved firmly into that extreme “fringe” that you mentioned, and have self selected themselves as a “tribe” that, among other things, stands firmly in favor of the genocide of Jews.

    That’s what this article was about.

      4th armored div in reply to Tom Servo. | August 2, 2017 at 10:29 am

      absolutely right.

      JINOs do what JINOs do and are all ready to fall on their sword in order to eliminate all others – I recently saw a film about WW2 japan, the crazzies SJWs are no different and are willing to die for their ‘Emporer’ and bring the rest of us to destruction as well /Bravo Democrat party (note NOT DemocratIC party).

      Schumer and the other (D) who claimed not to support the UN anti Israel Vote are still in power — shame on NY Jews, they certainly have a death wish.

      Ragspierre in reply to Tom Servo. | August 2, 2017 at 9:48 pm

      Really, Tom?

      The pieces I read talked about much more than anti-Semitism. They also talked about the embrace of cop-killers and anti-capitalism.

      Or were you just trying to deflect from my point with an appeal to a straw man.

      Why, yes. I never said anything you attributed to me.


      Milhouse in reply to Tom Servo. | August 3, 2017 at 7:33 am

      Rags’s point is that those who are shocked that the NYT would publish this subscribe to a “two tribes” mentality, not recognizing that the bulk of our opposition is relatively sane, and is properly shocked when confronted with the fringe’s insanity.

      I’m not so sure any more; the bulk of D voters may still be sane, but their leaders, including the NYT editorial board, seem for at least the last 15 years to have gone full moonbat, so it is surprising for them to allow a dissenting view to be heard. I imagine they think this article represents the “radical fringe right”, and it makes them feel good to publish it just to show how liberal they imagine they still are.

I am twice surprised. First that a liberal has the courage to write this and second that the NYT used it. Perhaps both now see where their fringe is taking them. We can only hope.

Nice start. Long way to go.

“Mr. Trump had campaigned on attacking the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.”

Nope. Attacking the weakest and most vulnerable in our society is entirely in the realm of the left. They kill the unborn, and they require the children of the poor to attend the monopoly government bureaucratic schools.