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North Carolina State Administrator Wants Segregated Housing for Black Women

North Carolina State Administrator Wants Segregated Housing for Black Women

“making students feel more separate and comfortable”

Why are people on the left constantly trying to undo the work of the civil rights movement?

The Daily Caller reports:

Multiculturalism Director Plans Segregated Dorm For Black Women

North Carolina State University wants to create segregated housing for black women on its campus, the The North Carolina State News reports.

This latest initiative is the brainchild of the university’s new director of multicultural student affairs, Nashia Whittenburg. The new “living and learning village” will be for women of color only, while Whittenburg also envisions celebrating cultural differences at the academic institution.

“There’s so much opportunity,” Whittenburg told the News. She envisions her responsibility as one of making students feel more separate and comfortable.

The university is already celebrating multiculturalism by separating its students from one another. There are no fewer than 16 “villages” on campus where students can fellowship with other students who are just like they are. There’s the Black Male Initiative village and the Women of Welch village that are designed to appeal to “special interests and particular demographics.”

Whittenburg is wasting no plans to create a village for black women, and has already presented her ideas to the university’s housing director. She hopes to have something in place by 2018 and to further enhance the university’s commitment to keeping students of different cultural backgrounds apart.


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I doubt anyone will complain. The black dorm will be filled with the whiners and the affirmative action types, meanwhile the real black students will be in the unsegregated dorms and the sororities, enjoying their college experience with the rest of the campus.

I lived in Alabama during segregation. I know what its harmful effects were, both on the blacks and on the ethics of the whites. I have never heard of anyone who lived in segregation wanting to go back to it, except maybe those who still follow the ideas of George Corley Wallace.

All racists, both black and white, will rejoice at the reintroduction of racial segregation led by some of these leftist colleges. Those of us who are more thoughtful will shake our heads and wonder “What were they thinking?”

    puhiawa in reply to OldProf2. | August 6, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Oh. This will end poorly. Remember why so many colleges banned all the football players and basketball players from being in dedicated dorms? The echo chamber.
    This dorm will be a hate filled nest of accelerating violence, posturing, and incessant demands. It will have the lowest academic standards on campus because these students already know everything.
    But the other dorms will be better off.

      ss396 in reply to puhiawa. | August 7, 2017 at 8:19 am

      In other words, they are chartering a new sorority. But one that is not subject to the College’s rules of inclusion.

      This sorority will be the incubus for the next generation of college administrators and Federal agency staffers.

“making students feel more separate and comfortable”

Sounds like an interesting concept. Maybe they could call it “separate, but equal”.

That has a nice ring to it. Sounds vaguely familiar, too.

They can all be segregated as far as I am concerned.

The students would be better served if the school was more committed to education, rather than multiculturalism. Good grief!

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever

George Wallace would be amazed that Blacks have taken the lead in calling for Segregation.

POOF: Aparteid