This lady won’t last a year. If she keeps talking like this, students will find a way to oust her.

The College Fix reports:

New UC-Berkeley chancellor tells students their best ‘safe space’ is inner resilience

The University of California-Berkeley’s new chancellor certainly wants to avoid the fate of her gilded predecessor, who built an “escape hatch” out of his office when sit-in protesters kept blocking the administration building.

But Carol Christ is taking a different tack than Nicholas Dirks, who once told the community that free speech can “undermine a community’s foundation.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that Christ told 9,500 incoming students in her welcoming remarks Tuesday that their “surest form of safe space” is to develop inner resilience, rather than expecting the university to coddle them.

She said the university’s theme for the 2017-2018 academic year would be “Free Speech Year,” in which UC-Berkeley would host “point-counterpoint” debates, events on “constitutional questions” and the history of the school’s Free Speech Movement, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014.