Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are suggesting that the Trump White House might be behind the leak of the transcripts of President Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe and Mika floated the notion that while the leaks might have been mildly embarrassing to the president, they were “really damaging to the press.” In support of their theory on who was behind the leaking, the pair pointed to the fact that when the Washington Post informed the White House that they had the transcripts, Trump administration officials did not ask the paper not to publish them.

“It’s starting to smell a little bit here,” said Scarborough. Joe also repeatedly suggested that “we’ve been Nunesed.” That was a reference to the situation in which it has been alleged that the White House furnished Republican Rep. Devon Nunes with intel info that he in turn briefed President Trump on.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Here’s the operating theory that we heard people talk about last night. And that —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: — some might say.

JOE: Some might say that the fact that here you have this extraordinary leak that is supposedly damaging to the White House, and damaging to our allies —

MIKA: — but really is damaging to the press in some ways.

JOE: — but really is damaging to the press, because everybody came out yesterday going: this is a shock! You saw it on TV: this is a shock! Suddenly people started saying last night: wait a second. Did, did the Trump administration do a Nunes? Where Nunes announces: I’ve got this information and I’m going to tell the White House. But he had nothing so he went to the White House, the White House gave him information, and he came out and said: I’ve got this information! I don’t know — it’s starting to smell a little bit here.

. . .

JOE: It could be, like what happened, Clint [Watts], with Nunes. Where it was a set-up. And again, the most extraordinary thing that we learned from Greg Miller at the Washington Post was, everybody agrees on Capitol Hill and the media that this was extraordinary —

MIKA: Unprecedented!

JOE: This was a leak, unprecedented, damaging, and yet the Washington Post

MIKA: Never happens!

JOE: The Washington Post went to the White House and said: what should we do? No push-back at all. Go ahead with it.

MIKA: Come on!

CLINT WATTS: You would at least give a response normally.

MIKA: You would at least say, please don’t release those private conversations. This is wrong.

JOE: Any White House, would they not, have fought this, hard?

MIKA: Unless, you wanted this to happen!

. . .

MIKA: Personally, I think this whole leak thing, where everyone was played, and this was actually orchestrated by the White House, some might say.

JOE: Some might say, Willie.

MIKA: This is what Trump is good at.

JOE: We’ve been Nunesed.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Nunesed can feel good if it’s the right people [inaudible.]

MIKA: To be Nunesed.

JOE: We’ve been Nunesed.