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Mizzou Now Offering Microaggressions Therapy For Black Students

Mizzou Now Offering Microaggressions Therapy For Black Students

“segregated therapy sessions”

Will anyone be surprised if the University of Missouri closes in a year or two? The school has become a parody of itself.

The Daily Caller reports:

Mizzou Offers ‘Microaggressions’ Therapy For Black Students ‘Surviving’ At ‘White Institution’

The taxpayer-funded University of Missouri is offering segregated weekly meetings “for students, staff and faculty of color” to discuss “racial identity,” “skills for surviving and resisting hate” and their “experiences as a person of color at a Predominately White Institution.”

The University of Missouri’s College of Education sponsors the segregated meetings, which are slated to occur every Friday afternoon in the public school’s Multicultural Center.

Students who attend will “process race-related macro and microaggressions” and “heal as a community,” a poster adverting the segregated therapy sessions explains.

The Mizzou group is called “Healing from Racial Injustices.”

“In the past, our discussions have focused on racial identity develop [sic], mindfulness, colorism, self-love, and experiences of holding two or three marginalized identities,” a Facebook announcement for the group explains. “We also focus on skills for surviving and resisting hate through the use of emotional regulation, mindfulness, and distress tolerance. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested. Pizza will be provided so please RSVP before midnight on Thursdays at [email protected].”

In addition to the College of Education, the poster advertising the group lists several academic and administrative units including Mizzou’s black studies program, psychology department and Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity as sponsors for the “Healing from Racial Injustices” group.


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nordic_prince | August 29, 2017 at 11:04 am

Pizza? Don’t tell me the minorities people of color are appropriating Italian culture now. How could they be so insensitive?

When I was a kid, I remember watching black people being attacked by Bull Conner’s dogs. These kids really came from that gene pool? Not likely.