What us the school going to do if a new student refuses to submit to training?

Red Alert Politics reports:

Rutgers mandates microagression sensitivity training for new students

Thousands of students attending Rutgers University as a freshman this fall will be required to undergo a new form of sensitivity training, costing each student $175.

At an orientation course entitled “Language Matters,” microaggressions are the focal point. The Language Matters Campaign, organized by the university’s Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities, teaches students about how to avoid hurting their peers intentionally or accidentally with their words. The material consists mainly of a handful of YouTube videos and a Prezi presentation titled, “The Big Impact of Little Things.”

In addition, Language Matters also happens to have a training program on safe spaces, just incase the training on micro aggressions doesn’t stick and those with hurt feelings need a place of retreat.

As stated in Reason, “The problem with microaggressions is they are entirely subjective. One person’s microaggression is another’s rude joke. While one person might laugh at the joke, another might feel uncomfortable.”

Similarly, what one may perceive as a microaggression, may be considered a completely normal thing to say by someone else. A common example is asking where someone is from — a question often asked between freshmen in college who are new to campus and making friends.