Hundreds of black-clad masked Antifa rioters descended on a park in Berkeley, California, after a “No to Marxism” rally was canceled.

A few people showed up anyway, and were viciously beaten and attacked.

Mainstream media journalists caught in the middle described the Antifa rioters arriving in battle formation armed with shields (which were specifically prohibited under published police rules) and the police appearing to stand down. Journalists who were filming were repeatedly attacked by Antifa.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a timeline of the riots. Here are a couple of the key timeline entries:

1:20 p.m. Tensions rising: Far-left demonstrators wearing black masks and body armor have joined the crowds gathered at Civic Center Park.

Tensions at the park have been on the rise as police in riot gear abandoned their post along a concrete barricade within the park separating the right-wing demonstrators and the counter protesters.

Police are now surrounding the perimeter of the park to deal with masses of counterprotesters who are trying to get in.

1:35 p.m. Hundreds break through: Berkeley police in riot gear stepped aside as hundreds of counterprotesters jumped the barriers around Civic Center park and flooded the place. All very peaceful. One protester said that was “too easy.” Fighting broke out and pepper-spray and tear gas filled the air as hundreds of men and women clad in black moved through the park.

Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson, who was on scene, tweeted what she experienced and saw, including: “The #Berkeley police have stood down. A sea of black masks as far as I can see. This is what WAS NOT supposed to happen.”

Video posted on YouTube also shows the rioters hunting people on surrounding streets:

(The Man in red in the video below was a reporter who tried to shield someone being attacked.)

An LA Times reporter on scene reported how Antifa seemed to move with precision, and how anyone who dissented was being accused of being a Nazi

Other local reporters on the scene tweeted similar images, video and information about Antifa violence:

Initially, few national reporters were covering this story or retweeting, though in the past hour I have seen more Twitter action including from people like Jake Tapper.

[Featured Image: Twitter video via Jack Smith]


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