What happened here is that a student held a bake sale mocking social justice and ended up being investigated.

Think about that.

The Daily Caller reports:

Investigator: Student’s Bake Sale Mocking Progressives Did Not Violate Federal Law

An investigator determined that a student accused by his university of discrimination because of a mock “Social Justice Bake Sale” did not violate university policy or federal law, according to a letter obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Sunday.

Third-party investigator Jody Luna absolved Regis University student Alex Beck of all 4 accusations of discrimination and unauthorized videotaping in the letter. Regis accused Beck of discrimination after the student mocked progressive identity politics by selling baked goods based on customers’ race, gender, and sexuality as part of a Young Americans for Liberty event.

“Numerous students were justifiably offended by Mr. Beck’s ‘bake sale’ and [the fact] that he priced items based on the purchaser’s protected status,” said Luna in the investigation, results of which the Catholic university sent to Beck Friday. “However, there were insufficient facts to find that his conduct violated specific Regis policy or the law.”