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Illegal Immigrants May Have ‘Safe Spaces’ at Oberlin

Illegal Immigrants May Have ‘Safe Spaces’ at Oberlin

Petitions are out to make the college a “sanctuary campus.”

Oberlin College’s Multicultural Resource Center has decided on eight points to concentrate on eight ways to support illegal immigrants on its campus, which includes safe spaces. From Campus Reform:

Quietly inaugurated on April 19 as part of National Coming Out Day for illegal immigrants, the strategies to support illegal immigrants are ongoing. To that end, the MRC encourages students to sign the petition to make Oberlin a “sanctuary campus,” and encourages people to donate to their illegal immigrant scholarship fund.

Oberlin has also pledged to “start an undocumented student support group or club,” and host events to “increase campus awareness for and of undocumented students.”

Supporting illegal immigrants is in-line with the MRC’s Mission and Values statement, which describes the office as a “gathering place for the collaborative support of historically disenfranchised communities,” which include “students of color,” and “DACA/undocumented students.”

The Resource Center was created after a “series of bias incidents” took place in 1993, according to the center’s timeline. While the center was initially designed to support “four historically underrepresented communities at Oberlin: Black/African-American, Asian/Asian-American, Latino/a/x, and LGBTQ students,” the scope of its mission has since expanded, and now includes supporting “undocumented students” and “students with disabilities.”

So far, the center boasts the successful creation of “ally training programs for faculty, staff and students” and the implementation of an “Undocumented Student Speaker Series,” according to the center’s list of “successful outcomes.”

Oberlin College has pledged to admit “all qualified students regardless of immigration status and meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted students.”


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Why doesn’t the federal government just with hold funding for any University that actively helps anyone who breaks federal law? Also, Couldn’t some of the administrators be be prosecuted under RICO like they do with the mafia?