Just as the MSM demands more “gun control” after every mass shooting, so every severe weather event causes the MSM to start beating the “climate change” drum.

And so it began on CNN this morning. CNN’s Senior Political Analyst Ron Brownstein gave the standard disclaimer about not attributing any one storm to climate change, but then proceeded to come very close to doing just that. He quoted a former NOAA offical: “this is a preview of the future. There is no doubt that climate change makes . . . storms like this more common.”

RON BROWNSTEIN: At some point there has to be a discussion of whether these sorts of events are becoming more common because of climate change. Scientists are reluctant to attribute any individual storm to a change in climate.

But in my CNN.com column today, I quote the former head of NOAA as saying, look, this is a preview of the future. There is no doubt that climate change — particularly because of warming in the ocean waters, the Gulf water — makes storms like this more common. Heavy rainfall in Texas events have become much more common there as well. And that is a discussion for around the bend and I think questions for this president to address at some point, once the immediate danger has passed.

CHRIS CUOMO: We see why so many states move towards enforcing the strictures of the accord, the Paris Accord, even without the federal acceptance of it. It does seem as though we have 100-year storms every year or two.

Funny that when citing NOAA, the CNN folks failed to mention NOAA’s observation that in June of this year, a record was set of 140 straight months without a major hurricane hitting the continental United States.

Now that’s what we’d call . . . an inconvenient truth.

Note: Cuomo’s observation that it seems we now have 100-year storms every year of so was singularly nonsensical. There are countless thousands of geographical locations in the United States. It is utterly normal and predictable that, each year, some of them will experience 100-year events.


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