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Grinnell College Feminist Prof to Teach Course Lamenting American Whiteness

Grinnell College Feminist Prof to Teach Course Lamenting American Whiteness

“Whiteness is, among much else, a very bad idea”

Isn’t it wonderful how nobly academia advances us as a society?

Campus Reform reports:

Feminist prof to teach class lamenting ‘American Whiteness’

A feminist professor at Grinnell College is offering a course this fall on “American Whiteness” that will focus on “attacking racism by making whiteness visible.”

Professor Karla Erickson, a self described “feminist ethnographer,” will teach the four-credit special topics class called “American Whiteness,” which vows to explore “whiteness as a specific racial formation with a distinct history, proactive and defensive politics, and institutional and personal investments.”

According to the course description, students will learn about the “historical expansion” of whiteness while discussing both the “formal and informal advantages that accrue to whiteness” and potential “challenges to whiteness.”

Although Erickson declined to provide a copy of the current syllabus, Campus Reform located a syllabus for a previous iteration of the course from the spring of 2015, which contains a course description identical to the one of that being offered in the fall.

“Whiteness is, among much else, a very bad idea,” the syllabus states, quoting Kansas University Professor David Roediger. “It is quite possible to avoid hating white people as individuals but to criticize the ‘idea of white people in general.’”

Additionally, the 2015 version of the course featured texts such as “Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness” and “The Case for Reparations,” the latter of which encourages students to “take on the labor of interrogating and attacking racism by making whiteness visible.”


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TheIconoclast | August 12, 2017 at 11:41 am

Well, according to the WP “Grinnell College is a private liberal arts college … known for its … tradition of social responsibility”, so I guess people who go there know what they are getting, and want it (and will be given it good and hard). Hope they aren’t taking out student loans!

I am rather peeved that the SJWs and particularly their enabling faculty have set their sights on STEM. I thought we might be immune but that idea of immunity is one of the things that has made them so angry. (Really, everything makes them angry.) Why is that bridge standing? White privilege. What is Ohms law? White privilege.

I get that English departments grew bored of endlessly rehashing Shakespeare and devolved into postmodernism and other navel-gazing long ago but we are not actually done thinking about, doing and teaching science, feminist glaciology notwithstanding. If they really get to have their way with us then we won’t be teaching STEM anymore, it’ll be intersectionality all the way down, and god knows what will happen to aerospace engineering and whatnot… perhaps the Chinese will do it for us.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to TheIconoclast. | August 13, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Give it about another 20 years, and our kids will be going to China or India to get a real education. Or, Israel. I hear Teknion is remarkable.

“Whiteness is, among much else, a very bad idea”

“Blackness is, among much else, a very bad idea”

Which one of those statements is racist?

White supremacy is due to the fact that their culture is superior to that of most minorities.