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German Security Service: Islamic State Plans to Target Railway Networks in the West

German Security Service: Islamic State Plans to Target Railway Networks in the West

As Europe and the West dithers, Islamists devise new ways of wreaking death and destruction

With the Western leaders divided in their strategy to counter the rising threat of Islamic terrorism, the Islamist terror groups continue to work on new ways of attacking the West. According to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), modeled after the American FBI, Islamic State might be planning to sabotage railway networks to inflict heavy civilian casualties in the West, as part of its evolving Jihad warfare strategy.

“The Jihadis call for attacks on railway traffic,” German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reports:

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the railway traffic is increasingly in the crosshairs of the Radical Islamists. They are contemplating attacks by sabotaging the railway tracks, The BKA spokesman told the Funke-Mediengruppe.

Al Qaeda in its magazine has called for attacks on railway traffic in the West. “Even if there are no concrete link to Germany, such attacks can occur in the country as well,” [BKA spokesman said]

In June, [plans] to derail trains in Europe were discussed on an internet forum linked to the extremist militia Islamic State, authorities confirm. During those [discussions], the train accident in Bad Aibling that left two dead and dozens injured, was cited “as a desirable goal.”

[Author’s note: Last February, alleged negligence on part of a dispatcher had led to a head-on collision between the two passenger trains near the town of Bad Aibling in southern Germany, leaving 12 dead and 85 injured]

During the protests against the G20 Summit earlier this year, Antifa and other Far-Left German groups resorted to nationwide sabotaging of railway networks under the slogan of “crippling the Capitalism”. The action resulted in massive disruptions, but did not cause any major accidents.

The Islamists now seem to be taking a leaf out of the Antifa playbook, and hoping to put it into practice with much deadlier consequences.

With Europe’s outer borders unguarded, the continent is vulnerable to Islamic terrorism more than ever. Aided by mass-migration, Islamic State is intensifying its Jihad against the ‘infidel’ West. Islamist terror attacks are now hitting one European city after another on weekly basis.

While Islamists have a clear strategy of waging their relentless Jihad against the West, making no secret of their motives as they yell out Islamist war cries at the scenes of their crimes, the European ruling elite and the media just doesn’t get it.

All these intelligence insights and terror warnings are of little use if Europe and the West fail to identify the threat that Radical Islam poses. With Merkel and Macron at the helm of of the EU, there is little hope that Europe’s approach to Islamist terror will change any time soon.

Video: Farage, “European leaders still in denial of terror problem”

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But Merkel sees nothing wrong with opening up Germany’s borders (and through them the EU) to these ferals.

“the European ruling elite and the media just doesn’t get it.”

I think they do get it, they just don’t care or actively want it to happen.