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Former Berkeley Chancellor Gets Massive Golden Parachute After Failed Tenure

Former Berkeley Chancellor Gets Massive Golden Parachute After Failed Tenure

“set to make nearly $434,000 next year”

This is one of the reasons tuition is out of control.

Red Alert Politics reports:

After disastrous tenure and resignation, ex-Berkeley Chancellor still gets massive salary

A former UC Berkeley chancellor is set to make nearly $434,000 next year, despite the fact that he won’t be teaching or managing any campus programs. Nicholas Dirks has been with the UC system for four years as an executive, and is now taking advantage of a policy that rewards executives who plan to return to the classroom.

Had he waited one more year, he would have received 100 percent of his $531,900 salary during his sabbatical. Nevertheless, when Dirks returns to the classroom, he will be making a whopping $237,000 as a professor.

Dirks is most likely eager to quit the chancellor gig after his disastrous four-year tenure. In that amount of time, he oversaw a $150 million budget deficit that the campus is still trying to fix, several sexual harassment scandals, and the payout of $4.75 million dollars to the family of a football player who died after his condition was practically ignored by the athletics department.

UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein says that the purpose of the paid sabbatical is “to allow top-flight academics to get back up to speed in their field and begin research, which they weren’t able to do while in their administrative role.”

Who knew a year of research and studies could be so pricey?

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, slammed the practice.

“We keep asking for more access for California students,” Ting said. “UC tells us we have to find state funding for it, but they seem to have all the funding they need when it comes to executive compensation and executive parachutes.”


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There are two ways to influence policy-makers: the carrot and the stick. In recent years, the stick has become ineffective because the policy-makers are shielded from any negative consequences by things like “golden parachutes.”

This resembles the wider phenomenon of blue state decay, as the elites never suffer for their mistakes there either.

You cannot operate a functional enterprise, be it a government or institution, when you are cut off from feedback.

Maybe Janet Napolitano, president of the UC taxpayer-funded boondoggle, can straighten it all out. Oh, wait. . . she’s a big part of the problem. Democrats ruin everything they touch because of their corruption and greed.

Headline I’d like to see once: “Golden Parachute Fails to Open”.