You’ll probably see this person on the news this week. The media will just love this story.

The College Fix reported:

American University prof first in the U.S. to get ‘gender-neutral’ driver’s license

An American University alum and current adjunct professor is officially the first individual in the country to be granted a gender-neutral driver’s license.

Nic Sakurai, also the associate director of the University of Maryland’s LGBT Equity Center who uses the pronouns “they” and “theirs,” told The Eagle that to “finally have that corrected and at least not feel excluded based upon that is quite an exciting thing and relief to finally have.”

“I feel like every day of my life I’ve had an I.D. that isn’t accurate to who I am,” he said.

(Curious — given their choice of pronouns, shouldn’t they have said “We feel like every day of our life we’ve had an I.D. that isn’t accurate to who we are”? Sheesh, Jordan Peterson may have a point.)

Washington DC is the first jurisdiction to permit people to mark “X” for gender classification on driver’s licenses.

“Sakurai […] began pursuing the non-binary option for their license in February and met with the Department of Motor Vehicles in March,” The Eagle reports.