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Deutsch MSNBC: Trump’s crossed arms reveal “his insecurity … his pathos, his neuroses”

Deutsch MSNBC: Trump’s crossed arms reveal “his insecurity … his pathos, his neuroses”

Has “Dr.” Donny diagnosed any other presidents with this condition?

Are you plagued by unsettled feelings that you can’t figure out? Don’t have the time or money to consult a psychoanalyst about it?

Well, now there’s great news for sufferers: a fast-and-easy way to get to the bottom of what’s bugging you! Simply submit of few seconds of video of yourself to “Dr.” Donny Deutsch, and he will provide a detailed analysis of your underlying issues.

Donny demonstrated his amazing analytical skills on today’s Morning Joe. Commenting on a brief video of President Trump at a meeting with his arms folded across his chest, Donny declared:

“This is the first time since he’s come on the political scene I’ve seen his arms like this [Donny demonstrates, folding his own arms across his chest] . . . It’s interesting how you really feel that he is almost afraid. That the more he blusters, the more you feel his insecurity, the more you feel his pathos, his neuroses.”

Act now by sending $19.95 to Dr. Donny, and for a limited time, we’ll throw in a copy of Donny’s remainder-bin classic, “Dating Tips for Aging Playboys.” Operators standing by!

And since the doctor is in this morning, perhaps Donny could provide an analysis of one more patient.

UPDATE: Physician, Heal Thyself!


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Dear Dr. Donny. How many fingers am I holding up? And what is the deep underlying meaning of that?

The Friendly Grizzly | August 11, 2017 at 8:49 am

A rumor I just started spreading says Donny has a subscription to Psychology Ptoday. This means he knows what he’s talking about.

My evil twin, the notorious Dr Swift—who, like Dr Donny, is no slouch when it comes to snap diagnoses—thinks that Trump is signaling the fact that he’s appropriately nervous about making a misstep when the subject of nuking somebody comes up.

Which is as it should be.

As America’s ONLY current President labeled him, ‘Psycho Joe’ with his faithful dog Micky, seem to be transforming himself into America’s #1 ‘Dung Beetle’. Inspired by his true leader (Obama), he’s constantly pushing around big balls of ‘dung’. Someday he might become an ace turd polisher like his hero, that great Kenyan goat herder, Obama.

Donny’s own Twitter avatar shows him crossing his arms!! You can’t write this stuff!

Sometimes crossed arms just means crossed arms much like a train entering a tunnel can just be a train entering a tunnel.

    Mark Finkelstein in reply to mailman. | August 11, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Exactly! As Freud said: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. 😉

    pilgrim1949 in reply to mailman. | August 11, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    (He hadn’t met Slick Willy Clinton, but we’ll let it slide….no pun intended …well, maybe yes)

Donny is a nitwit with zero qualifications – exactly what MSNBC looks for in its on-air personalities.

Just when you think that Morning Joe can’t get any more unprofessional and stupid Donny opens his pie hole and inserts his entire foot!

Thanks so much Donny for confirming what we already know about you.

Here’s my analysis of the second patient, based on the picture provided: smug, arrogant, condescending a-hole.

Am I close?

But it’s different when Barry does it, because he’s just sooooooo dreamy, right Donny?

Don’t these buffoons ever get tired of making fools of themselves? Stupid is one thing – stupid and boring is another.

Notice how PDT’s eyes blink with a very distinct up and down motion?
That means he colluded with the Russians!

Yeah, they have psychological analysis every bit as credible as phrenology, and we have meme magic.

Meanwhile, MSNBC could have reported on new developments in the story about corruption in the Navy that is getting too little attention

Dirty cop, Navy moles kept ‘Fat Leonard’ from law

as is the response that explains why our military love our Secretary of Defense

SedDef Message to the Department of Defense

So they continue to wonder why their ratings remain low.

So what does the photo of obama with his finger half-way up his nose at a press conference tell us about him (that we don’t already know.)