Democrats need Hillary Clinton to leave the stage. Until she quietly goes away, she serves as a reminder of their 2016 loss and prevents others from assuming leadership of the party.

This fall, Hillary’s new book will put her back in the spotlight. Democrats aren’t happy about it but what can they do? Albert R. Hunt writes at Bloomberg:

Democrats Fret as Clinton Book Rollout Looms

Democrats, reveling in President Donald Trump’s plummeting popularity and the Republican Party’s civil wars, are looking forward to September. Except for one thing: the rollout of Hillary Clinton’s next book right after Labor Day.

Clinton has promised to “let my guard down” in the book, “What Happened,” explaining her shocking loss to Trump in November. She has already offered up several explanations, blaming Russian interference, former FBI director James Comey, and misogyny, while also acknowledging tactical errors by her campaign.

Many Washington Democrats, though unwilling to criticize her in public, wish she’d “move on,” as Senator Al Franken has put it. They fear that her complaints help Trump make his case that the controversies surrounding him flow from the Democrats’ bitterness about their 2016 loss.

They prefer the approach taken by Al Gore after his equally controversial loss in 2000. Gore didn’t really criticize the administration of President George W. Bush for almost two years, even though he, like Clinton, won the popular vote while losing in the Electoral College. (Gore lost when the Supreme Court stopped a vote recount in Florida.) Gore went on to start a new career, winning a Nobel Prize for his work on climate change and starring in the Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Associates hoped Clinton would also find a way to make a different contribution, perhaps as a university president or foundation head. There have even been suggestions that she move overseas for a couple of years.

FOX and Friends discussed this yesterday:

Michael Sainato of Observer has more on this:

Hillary Clinton’s New Book and Super PAC Derail Democratic Party

The book provides an opportunity for Hillary Clinton to co-opt the Democratic Party’s narrative in the Trump era. Rumors have circulated that she doesn’t hold back in voicing her views on the 2016 election and blames various scapegoats for her loss. She reportedly attacks Sen. Bernie Sanders in the book, who her most prominent loyalists claim weakened her candidacy. This narrative reveals Clinton’s entitlement: She thought she would coast through the primaries unchallenged. Her new book rehashes this divisive narratives that continues to split the Democratic Party in two.

The book is due for release just as Hillary Clinton’s new Super PAC, Onward Together, is preparing for the 2018 midterm elections. The PAC hired two former Clinton aides, Adam Parkhomenko and Emmy Ruiz, earlier this month. The PAC’s co-founder, former DNC Chair Howard Dean, recently made headlines for calling progressives “the whiny left.” Hillary Clinton reportedly transferred $800,000 left over from her presidential campaign to start the new Super PAC.

Hillary Clinton’s presence in the spotlight hinders the Democratic Party, which is bogged down by infighting from progressives and establishment Democrats. Establishment Democrats refuse to adopt progressive policies like single payer health care and severe their their ties with lobbyists and donors at progressives demands.

Good luck getting Hillary off the stage, Democrats. Like most of you, she thinks the election was stolen from her. She will never stop talking about it.

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