The opening of CNN’s 6 AM hour this morning was one, long lollapalooza of Trump-bashing. Led by co-host Chris Cuomo, panelists David Gregory, Chris Cillizza, and John Avlon took turns whacking the Trump piñata.

The topics were diverse: a putative Republican “backlash” against the president; Don, Jr.’s meeting with the Russians; and the murder of Seth Rich. But there was consistency in the relentless criticism of the president.


  • “The White House’s apparent inability to tell the truth.”
  • “I heard one of the conservatives say, it’s not just about the base. It’s about the fact that the president is being base.”
  • “It’s about damn time” for a Republican backlash against Trump.
  • “They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.”
  • “He looks like he’s got something to hide.”
  • “It cannot be said enough, how outrageous this is” [referring to alleged White House “collusion” regarding Seth Rich story.

The panel was entirely stacked with Trump critics: not a defender of the president, or a Republican of any stripe, in sight.