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Cuomo CNN: “fundamental problem” with Trump supporters is “what they feel is true versus what is actually true”

Cuomo CNN: “fundamental problem” with Trump supporters is “what they feel is true versus what is actually true”

Cuomo: Trump supporters “clearly don’t fully comprehend” what Trump says

The liberal media’s contempt for people who support President Trump was on display on CNN this morning. After a clip was aired of a panel discussion Alisyn Camerota conducted with six Trump supporters, Chris Cuomo disparaged them:

You have a fundamental problem with this group of people, with the difference between fact and feeling. What they feel is true versus what is actually true . . . they absorb what [Trump] says, even though they clearly don’t fully comprehend it.”

Camerota made clear that she concurred with Cuomo’s unflattering assessment of Trump supporters. When Cuomo spoke of the difference between “what they feel is true versus what is actually true,” Camerota interjected: “yesterday, we heard that in Technicolor,” a reference to a segment of her panel discussion previously aired.

TRUMP SUPPORTER #1: They’re throwing out rabbits. It’s called chasing rabbits. Let’s all go over here to look at this rabbit so we leave this alone over here.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: And what are we leaving alone over here? What are they distracting us from?

SUPPORTER #2: Republicans are interested in infrastructure, health care, jobs.

CAMEROTA: But Ellie, what do you think the rabbit is distracting us from?

TRUMP SUPPORTER #1: They’re so many issues, because there’s so many rabbits.

SUPPORTER #3: I think the distraction is from him quietly transforming, retransforming America back to what it used to be. Because if you look around, you may not cover it, but the things he has done to roll back the transgender bathrooms, the regulations. He’s doing things, undoing the agenda, you know they want to say it’s Obama’s legacy, but no: I say he’s doing what he promised he would do. There are things that nobody’s reporting, and like she said, they’re chasing other rabbits.

CAMEROTA: We’ve heard it many times: they see progress. They’re happy with what the president has done with executive orders, with border crossings being down, deportations being up, rolling back environmental regulations. That’s what they want to focus on.

CHRIS CUOMO: Right. And I think you have a fundamental problem with this group of people, with the difference between fact and feeling. What they feel is true versus what is actually true.

CAMEROTA: Yesterday, we heard that in Technicolor.

CUOMO: The odds that, the likelihood that, the one woman with the hat says, well, they’re throwing rabbits out to distract. Yet she sees that as a virtue. But they can’t really identify what it’s being distracted from.

What does this tell you? This tells you that what the president says, matters. And to people that support him, they absorb what he says, even though they clearly don’t fully comprehend it.

Note: after his “they don’t fully comprehend” shot at Trump supporters, Cuomo tries to cover his tracks, adding “as is always true in politics.” Anyone remember Cuomo or other members of the liberal media similarly disparaging the intelligence of Obama supporters? Neither do I.


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UnCivilServant | August 24, 2017 at 8:35 am

Chris, I think you’re projecting. You may want to examine how much your statement applies to yourself and your organization – if you still have the capacity for introspection.

After all these years of marriage, I’m pretty sure my listening comprehension it first rate. MAGA!

“What they feel is true versus what is actually true.”

Well, yah. That’s true of both tribes. It seems to be a growing trend.

I resent these media idiots trying to tell me what I just heard. Back in the day, “Spin Doctors” came about to counteract this. After a speech, the networks would have their talking heads opine on what the speech maker just said. Then, as now, it is/was about Narrative, it MUST conform to the narrative. If not you are racist!

I can hear the silence from CNN if Trump made an outrageous statement as Obama did when he proclaimed “If you like your plan you can keep your plan. If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.” Everybody, including the MSM knew Obama was lying. But we kept being told what a brilliant man he was.

“clearly don’t fully comprehend” as opposed to Cuomo who doesn’t comprehend it at all.

Does Cuomo mean something like “I feel your pain.”

I believe that when they talk about “Trump supporters”, they forget they are speaking of the majority of people that live in 2,700 counties in this country. My guess is that their audience is mostly from the 400 Counties that make up large metropolitan areas that nonpresident Hillary won.

– Chris Cuomo

Too funny. Fredo Kumho analyzing what mainstream Americans can or cannot comprehend.

When will it end. It was Russia, Russia, Russia. Now it is Racist, Racist, Racist.

UN now has chimed in –

Geneva (AFP) – A UN committee tasked with combatting racism has issued a formal “early warning” over conditions in the United States, a rare move often used to signal the potential of a looming civil conflict.

    Good thing the UN has solved racism and murderous civil war in the rest of the world, and can now turn their attention to the last bastion of such evil here in the US.

    Brats screaming for undeserved rewards? It will never end. It’s part of the human condition.

    What will end, is our side being led around by the nose. But that’s up to us, isn’t it…

Poor Chris, he’s also stuck in a world (NY City) where what he feels is true most definitely is. It’s more than true.

He’s got homeless lying on the streets everywhere, failing transit systems exacerbated by a feud over which official (his brother vs. imbecile de Blasio) might help. He’s got unfunded pensions and workers who routinely retire on pensions over $100k and he lives in a state where all money problems will be fixed by redistribution, tax breaks for campaign donors and begging Washington for money. I could go on.

He feels all these true markers of the end of NYC as a decent city can be solved by taxing the rich (not him, of course, he’s got accountants!), so if he can live in this type of world so can the rest of us. Bah!

“What they feel is true versus what is actually true . . .”

This from the party that still clings to the claim that Hillary won the election by popular vote!


Cuomo hasn’t the slightest idea what normal, average people think or feel. He only knows the knee-jerk east coast liberal view of the world. He hasn’t even the intellect to understand that given the size of the world his view, and viewpoint,is minuscule.

As for Alisyn Camerota, nice to invite people on to your program for a “panel” and then insult them the next day. That’s lacking in class but then so is she.

Says the man from Pro-Choice.

Pelosi Schmelosi | August 24, 2017 at 10:39 am

I dunno Chris.
I fully understand, and agree with Trump, when he calls dolts like you dishonest.
In fact, you just proved his point ya big dummy.
But hey, you’re the smug East Coast elitist and I’m just a deporable in fly-over country…right Chris?

Shorter version: “I got nuttin’ – but we have some air time to fill, so…”

It’s been clear for years that for the Democrats, “projection” is an official and fundamental component of Party policy.

Nevertheless, I think Cuomo is overdoing it a bit.

nordic_prince | August 24, 2017 at 11:52 am

“You have a fundamental problem with this group of people, with the difference between fact and feeling. What they feel is true versus what is actually true”

Funny – I’ve been saying that about Leftists for how many years now.

What’s the psychological term for “can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality”?

Yep, we are clearly stupid!

“The press takes Trump literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” – Salina Zito

But for this column, I would not know Chris Cuomo exists.

The problem is not so much that people allow their personal biases to cloud their perception of reality, it is that people, on the whole, no longer make any attempt to actually support their viewpoint.

In the past, Western society embraced the Greek tradition of logical argument. In that process, a person would make a logical argument and back it up with some kind of evidence. We no longer do that, as a society.

The current trend is to present a short sound bite which largely amounts to “Well, because” or “Oh, yeah?”. When that fails to convince anyone to change his mind, then the personal attacks begin. The person holding a contrasting view is simply labelled as delusional or stupid. No attempt is ever made to explain why that other person’s point of view is inaccurate or why the other point of view is more accurate. Once a logical presentation of factual evidence is made, if the person holding an opposing viewpoint fails to present evidence to prove the logic of their position and still refuses to abandon that viewpoint, then labeling them as being delusional may be accurate and warranted.

At first they derided, smirked; belittled him. They knew in their hearts he could not get nominated. Then, when he won the primaries, they said he still would not be nominated, that the Rep. electors would revolt.
Wrong again, but oh, “he has no chance against our dear Hellary”.
Right. OH shite! wtf happened?????
Soon it became apparent, they said, that the Donald had enlisted the help of the Russians.So, could impeachment be far behind?
It was Russia, Russia, Russia for months. Funny, though, how the Russian story has faded, and now it is “mental health” that will make his immediate removal necessary!
Lies, lies lies.
Meanwhile the Clintons get away with mmonstruous crimes,
Obama gets away with equally serous crimes, so do his two attorneys general. Clapper gets away with perjury, documented A-Z on televison. Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz breaks campaign laws, and probably aided and abettted foreign spies, God knows with what motives. (to namejust the very top of that criminal clique)

They HATE you.

Never forget that.


You’re STUPID for not voting for candidates that HATE you, HATE everything you believe, HATE everything you do, and HATE everything you stand for.

Why can’t you just understand?? You must be one of those ignorant inbred REDNECKS!!


Interesting thing about the D’s tactic of vilifying literally everyone that isn’t instantly a zealot for every bizarre cause that they dream up – as soon as you so much as question that the latest dogma, you are purged. After that, they make it virtually impossible for themselves to coax you back into the fold.

You are literally HITLER!!

After being on the receiving end of that, even once, on just one issue, the journey begins from Left to Right and the D’s just keep driving you harder and harder and you never come back.

The anal orifice is really and truly a sex organ, people can select their gender from day to day, socialism has always worked wonderfully , and the moon is made of green cheese.