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College Republicans at UVA Falsely Smeared as Racists

College Republicans at UVA Falsely Smeared as Racists

“heinous ideologies”

The College Republicans at UVA got smeared online over the white nationalists marching there even though the Republicans denounced them.

Campus Reform reports:

UVA College Republicans falsely smeared as racists

The University of Virginia College Republicans group got a welcome assist from its Democratic counterpart after its members were falsely accused of participating in last weekend’s riot.

Even before the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville and the preceding march through UVA’s campus by neo-Nazis, the CR chapter issued a statement condemning the event, its organizers, and their beliefs, calling out the “so called ‘conservatives’” for their “heinous ideologies.”

The group went on to “categorically” condemn the rally, arguing that it was planned with the “intention of intimidating minorities,” and rejecting the organizers’ assertion that the event in any way represented “the Republican Party or the conservative movement.”

“As College Republicans, we must take an active role in combatting these vile beliefs,” the statement continued, lamenting the use of “the conservative movement to justify these ideas,” and stating that “our organization will do everything in our power to reject them.”

Yet barely one day after Saturday’s subsequent rally, Twitter user Logan Smith accused the College Republicans of participating in the riot under his popular Twitter handle “@YesYoureRacist,” calling on his followers to “cross-reference these #Charlottesville photos with the UVA College Republicans membership,” claiming he was sure they would “find plenty of overlap.”

The tweet, which received 10,000 likes and 5,000 retweets before it disappeared, featured a photograph of an event with Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia Ed Gillespie, which included a number of attendees who were not members of the Republican organization.


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And we’re the basket of deplorables? I guess liberals are just basket cases.

Hate groups like Antifa and BLM are condoned and encouraged by the Left, and college campuses are incubators of them and their venomous ideology. I can only see one possible antidote and that’s the development of Right wing groups specifically to counter Antifa and BLM. Do it their way; with violence and meet them head on.

Antifa is the Provisional IRA to the Democrats’ Sinn Fein.

Could a libel lawsuit be in order? There must be some way to actively fight this bullshit short of resorting to violence.