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Campus Carry Now in Effect at Texas Community Colleges

Campus Carry Now in Effect at Texas Community Colleges

“lets anyone with a gun license over 21 carry a handgun”

Campus carry at Texas community colleges went into effect at the beginning of this month. No problems so far.

From USA Today:

Campus carry comes, quietly, to Texas community colleges

A year after it was implemented at four-year universities, campus carry was quietly put into effect at community colleges in Texas on Aug. 1.

Before campus carry came to Texas, a storm brewed in the form of protests, including Cocks not Glocks, as well as demonstrations in favor, like the one near the University of Texas-Austin where pro-gun activists held a mock shooting. But the scene at community colleges seems to be calmer than it has been at four-year institutions.

And that may be due in part to lack of information about it.

“We normally get info through email … but I haven’t heard anything from the school at all about campus carry,” said Tarrant County College sophomore Cateline Keiser, trying to recall if she had gotten any formal announcement from the school about the recent implementation. “Usually in the halls there’s a bunch of flyers, and I just haven’t seen or heard anything.”

The state campus carry law, Senate Bill 11, lets anyone with a gun license over 21 carry a handgun on college campuses in Texas as long as it is concealed. Private colleges and universities can opt out, and community colleges can have gun-free zones.

One campus with gun-free zones is Collin College in McKinney, where sophomore Anna Sword goes to school. Sword, a nursing student, said she has seen signage placed in front of science labs and received one email from the college regarding campus carry, during spring semester.


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