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Because “Trump” was already taken.

My wife got stuck in a lane reduction traffic jam not far from Albany, NY, a few days ago.

She spotted this vehicle.

It’s upstate flyover country, so the guy probably gets a lot of thumbs up signs and friendly honks.

Downstate, in NYC, he’d probably get keyed and have his tires slashed.


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Gotta love us hayseeds north of the Hudson valley.

“Downstate, in NYC, he’d probably get keyed and have his tires slashed.”

Prof., do you really mean ‘probably?’

The Friendly Grizzly | August 27, 2017 at 8:54 am

I saw a pickup with a plate that said TRUMP. From New Brunswick!

Bravo! I had a Trump bumper sticker on my vehicle during the election season but decided to remove it after hearing stories about cars being damaged because of Trump bumper stickers. I was not worried around home but the trips into Maryland were very concerning.

Pretty sad when people will damage your property because of a political bumper sticker. There is a war waging because the loony left can not accept that Trump WON!

Well, that certainly trumps any bumper sticker picture I’ve sent you!

Doesn’t surprise me, tho. When my wife and I were visiting upstate last October, the Trump/Hillary lawn sign ratio was about 10/1.

Years ago, I had a HW Bush sticker on my rear glass.(they stain paint, so they really aren’t for painted bumpers) I was shopping at the local Kroger’s, when I came out there was a “loaded” diaper laying on the decklid, next to the sticker. No damage, but a real load of Crap!

Interesting experiment: Carry a Sharpie with yoiu, and write “Trump” over any “obama” or “hillary” stickers you come across, and the stand by to watch these useful idiots break their own car windows.