Imagine a “House of Horrors” designed by social justice warriors and you’ll get a mental picture of this event.

Campus Reform reports:

University receives award for ‘Tunnel of Oppression’ event

Wright State University has received an award for its annual “Tunnel of Oppression” event, which exposes students to various forms of oppression such as “lookism” and “classism.”

WSU announced on its website recently that three administrators were awarded the 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Award by the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education for their work on the program, which has operated continuously for the past 17 years.

The university describes the “Tunnel of Oppression” as an array of rooms that participants walk through as they read posters with “educational materials on racism, sexism, religious discrimination, classism, homophobia, veteran status, and genocide as well as ableism, discrimination toward people with physical or mental disabilities; lookism, discrimination based on appearance; and transphobia, discrimination toward transgender people or gender nonconforming behavior.”

After students emerge from the tunnel, facilitators lead discussions to help them reflect on their experience.

“The Tunnel of Oppression is a tool that is often used by campuses to communicate issues of oppression within American society to staff and students,” WSU explains on a webpage for the 2016 Tunnel of Oppression, noting that the content is revised every year “to ensure it is relevant to the experiences of marginalized groups.”