Bureaucracy in academia is so overloaded with positions like this. And people wonder why tuition rises so rapidly.

PJ Media reports:

College Hiring Director to Promote ‘Feminist Theories and Knowledge’

The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania is seeking to hire a new director to promote “feminist theories and knowledge” and “social justice theories” on campus, according to a job listing on Chronicle Vitae.

The new “Director of Cross Cultural Centers” will be tasked with managing the school’s Women’s Center, which is funded by the school’s $42,910 annual tuition. The director will be asked to “implement programs and initiatives on gender equity and social justice that incorporate feminist theories and best practices,” which include “identity development, social justice, and women’s leadership.”

Because social justice is intrinsic to the center’s mission, the director will also work alongside professors to “increase students’ understanding of feminist theories and knowledge” so that students are motivated to engage in “social justice action.”

These theories include ones such as “rape culture,” which posits that rape is so pervasive at colleges that one in five women will be victims of sexual assault, and “masculinity,” a feminist theory about how men are conditioned to adhere to “toxic” social roles.