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U. Michigan Hiring Bias Administrator for ‘Cultural Appropriation Prevention’

U. Michigan Hiring Bias Administrator for ‘Cultural Appropriation Prevention’

“comes with a starting salary range of $46,000 – $57,000”

Academia is overloading itself with pointless administrator positions. And then people wonder why tuition keeps rising so much.

Campus Reform reports:

UMich hiring admin for ‘cultural appropriation prevention’

The University of Michigan is looking for someone to clamp down on “students of concern” and “enact cultural appropriation prevention initiatives.”

A job posting on the school’s website seeks candidates to fill the role of “Bias Incident Prevention and Response Coordinator,” a full-time position within the Dean of Students Office that comes with a starting salary range of $46,000 – $57,000.

UMich estimates that about 40 percent of the job will involve coordinating “bias incident response efforts,” which entails coordinating “appropriate and effective intervention and communication between multiple campus offices…and the provision of support to individuals and groups targeted by bias behaviors.”

The Coordinator will also be tasked with managing the school’s “bias prevention initiatives and Expect Respect initiatives” by partnering with other departments to “ensure annual Expect Respect messaging begins in orientation programs,” assisting with various “divisional social justice initiatives,” enacting “cultural appropriation prevention initiatives,” and developing “strong working relationships with identity-based student organizations.”

In addition, the job comes with “critical incident case management” responsibilities when issues of concern arise within the school community.


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Cultures have been appropriating from other cultures since the dawn of time. Those that do not tend to die. Spending taxpayer and parents’ hard-earned money to administratively work for the death of the American culture — rather than nurture its growth through dialogue and education — further explains why higher education finds itself in an accelerating downward spiral.

ebtobiassen | July 30, 2017 at 5:02 pm

The last person I know of who had the job of preventing cultural appropriation was Hans Hinkel, a Nazi bureaucrat whose job it was to see that the Jewish Cultural League did not appropriate any Aryan culture in their artistic undertakings. Of course the League was established in the first place only because the Nazis threw all Jews out of jobs in cultural and artistic organizations. Their reason? Why of course: Jewish pollution and cultural appropriation of pure Aryan culture. The fear of cultural appropriation has long been a hallmark of idiot racist, far-right nationalist groups Now Herr Dr. President Mark Schlissel thinks it’s a good practice to introduce here. And he undoubtedly deludes himself, like so many other sanctimonious fools, that he is being “progressive.” It apparently has never occurred to him or others that without constant, ongoing, cultural appropriation (which we used proudly to call “the melting pot”) there would be no American culture at all. Coca Cola maybe, but probably not even that. “Fatuous,” “moronic”–words like that don’t even come close. Pernicious will do for the time being.