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U. Iowa Student Paper Suggests Not Being Stupid is a Form of Privilege

U. Iowa Student Paper Suggests Not Being Stupid is a Form of Privilege

“cognitive privilege”

Apparently, stupid people are the newest victim class on campus.

The Daily Caller reports:

UPDATE: Not Being Stupid Is ‘Cognitive Privilege’ Now, Which Is Just Like White Privilege

The University of Iowa’s student newspaper has announced the discovery of a special privilege which intelligent people acquire as an accident of birth. This new privilege — called “cognitive privilege” — functions in essentially the same way as white privilege.

The Daily Iowan revealed the discovery of this new privilege earlier this week.

Garden-variety white privilege “is an important topic that deserves a public discussion,” the op-ed on “cognitive privilege” explains, but it is also “prudent to at least mention the wider concept contained therein: that of privilege itself.”

Privilege in general is “the receipt of certain benefits wholly through accident of birth and it is “undeniable that privilege itself is a reality,” the student newspaper explains.

As with skin color and much else, Daily Iowan author Dan Williams argues, people have no control over how smart they are. Life is a huge cosmic lottery full of winners and losers.

Cognitive privilege is one of “many kinds of privilege besides white privilege.”

Also, Williams declares, robots will wipe out manual labor jobs but will somehow not affect jobs available to members of a special cognitive elite.


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Poor Mr. Williams is a victim.

Harrison Bergeron is getting ever closer to being reality.

how stupid of them!… i want an article by mike LaChance about how names are a form of privilege.. or is there no “chance” of ever seeing that!

Harrison Bergeron was *science fiction*, but some folks are hell-bent on executing it in reality.

Apparently, stupid people are the newest victim class on campus.

Okay, just how stupid does one have to be, to qualify? Is there a SJW administered test?

And, can they make it retroactive to the ’70s? Some of my grades could probably use the help. 😉

They’re absolutely right. Not being born stupid is a tremendous privilege, for which those of us who have it should always remember to be thankful. So is not being born crippled, blind, etc., not being born in some third world hellhole, not having been the victim of some terrible crime, or of some terrible act of nature; these are all privileges God didn’t owe us, but has granted us anyway, and we should thank him constantly for them. It’s a privilege to be employed, to be healthy, to have food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, information, a good reputation, and the wit to be conscious of all these things.

When did “privilege” become something to be ashamed of, rather than proud of and thankful for?

In a sense, the student is right. The same sense as the realization that life isn’t fair and people aren’t really equal.

Are we absolutely sure this piece isn’t satire? It sounds like satire to me but then, so does almost everything else the SJW folks say.

This all flows back to the left’s obsession with equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.

Yes, my kids went to the same schools with the same (mostly black) teachers and the same books and the same curricula as the black and hispanic kids (who were the majority in those schools in this city), but they had two insurmountable privileges: 1. they are white and 2. they had parents who give a crap.

Therefore, my kids are successful, contributing members of society whereas the majority of the schoolmates are not. In the liberal world, this cannot stand. The successful must be pulled down to the level of the unsuccessful so that we can all be equally unsuccessful and miserable.

LibraryGryffon | July 30, 2017 at 1:23 pm

This is the same student paper which in an article on the ’86 Madrigal Dinners informed us that “A madrigal is a song without music”.

The Daily Iowan has obviously been working to check “cognitive privilege” for decades.

I believe John Wayne was quoted: ‘Life is hard, it’s worse when you are stupid.” So right he is.

(Assuming not an Onion-like satire…) The writer demonstrates an innate-at-birth “privilege” of qualifying as a perfect candidate for Densa (Mensa’s inverse counterpart).

Also answers the bumper-sticker question of years ago:

If there is artificial intelligence, is there artificial stupidity?

Apparently there is also the “real deal” in all its glory.

The author of the paper doesn’t have to worry about his “privilege” in this area.

I see a bright future for him at CNN as they seem to hire the unprivileged.