CNN hosted a panel this morning of Trump voters describing what CNN described as “life after their vote.” Three of the voters described very nasty reactions they’ve received from liberals:

  • A woman spoke of receiving “a lot of hatred from people I loved and respected,” including being asked if she was “crazy” and wondering “how could you do this to us?”
  • A female impersonator recounted being immediately blackballed from his work when he came out as a Trump supporter, and having received death threats. He noted the irony of coming from a community that prides itself on inclusiveness.
  • A man spoke of receiving a tweet saying “your parents should have aborted you at birth.”

The same phenomenon prevails among elites. American Psycho writer Bret Easton recounts here being yelled at after a dinner for being a “Trump apologist” and accused of “colluding with Russia.”

Personal Note: I’m something of the conservative black sheep in my predominantly liberal extended family. The news that I was intending to vote for Trump caused major consternation for several family members, including one who broke into tears over the phone while lecturing me about my “white privilege.”

WOMAN VOTER: I received a lot of hatred from people that I loved and respected that were Hillary supporters — I didn’t realize how much our relationship hinged on politics until admitting that I voted for Trump. I mean, I’m kind of callous to it now but —

ALISYN CAMEROTA: What would they say to you?

VOTER: Jackie, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay? Are you, are you crazy? Have you thought about this at all? Why would you do this? How could you do this to us?

MALE VOTER #1: Can we get back to hate on the internet?

CAMEROTA: Yes, quickly. Tell me what your experience has been.

VOTER: I come from a community that touts that we are so inclusive, we are so embracing of what’s different. All we ask for is tolerance and equality.

I make a living as a female impersonator in the state of Florida. And I have hosted all the major events, from White Party for 20 years, 19 years. When I came out as a supporter of Trump, I was blackballed instantly. They got online campaigns to have me thrown off of the committee. I couldn’t be the emcee anymore. I got death threats. I’ve lost [inaudible] against people now. Oh, it’s horrible.

. . .

MALE VOTER #2: When president Trump sent out the infamous wrestling gif, I sent a tweet to him, I just said at some point I’m starting to believe that I made a poor decision voting with you or something along that line. And my phone starts blowing up with these just horrible responses. And they were responses were from liberal voters.

CAMEROTA: Why were liberals mad at you for questioning —

VOTER: They say something like, “you’re figuring this out now, blankety-blank? We told you Hillary, blah, blah, blah.” And I understand their frustration, because they quite frankly never thought they were going to lose.

My response back to them was: I’m the voter that elected him.

CAMEROTA: You’re the swing voter!

VOTER: I’m the swing voter in a swing state that elected him. If I’m having second thoughts, you should be saying great, can you tell other people? Here is why. No. It’s like: “your parents should have aborted you at birth.” Just horrible things.


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