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Social Justice Movement Linked to Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

Social Justice Movement Linked to Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

“Those chants to burn and gas Jews? That happened at U.C. Berkeley.”

Emily Jones of CBN News has written an enlightening piece on the connections between the social justice movement and the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

The New ‘Social Justice Movement’ – Why Colleges Are the Breeding Ground for Anti-Semitism

They hung up their swastikas. They threatened their Jewish class mates. They chanted “gas them, burn them, humanity cannot progress with the parasitic Jews.”

These are the sounds that echoed in the lecture halls of Germany’s finest universities. But, I’m not talking about those universities; I am talking about American college campuses.

Those swastikas that were hung up on campus buildings? That was done by students from Stanford University, George Washington University, U.C. Davis, and Drexel University.

Those chants to burn and gas Jews? That happened at U.C. Berkeley.

Anti-Semitism is happening now. Not on the other side of the world in a generation that is not ours. It’s in today’s headlines. As an active pro-Israel student with Christians United for Israel and the Philos Project, I have seen a deep hatred for the Jewish state spread like wildfire.

What is most disturbing is how this evil force gripping our schools is applauded as justice and goodness. In fact, it is called the new social justice movement, except there are no “safe spaces” for Jews – especially Jews who have the audacity to love their country.


Perhaps the better question is “Why not?” When you look at the rise of Nazi Germany, one of the first institutions targeted with Jew-hatred was education. Universities are the birthplace of future leaders, politicians, policymakers, and pastors. When you poison their minds, you poison society.

That is exactly why anti-Israel groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Student Association, and the Muslim Student Union – and even college administrators – are pushing an anti-Israel agenda. What is their goal? The destruction of the Jewish state.


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4th armored div | July 25, 2017 at 11:30 am

JINOs are at the forefront of this – the same as SOROS family in Europe – somehow they think that they will be exempt when the SS comes for the rest of us.

time for making ALIYAH is nigh.