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The Internet’s Best CNN Smackdown Gifs

The Internet’s Best CNN Smackdown Gifs

Well done, people of the web

CNN is having a rough time, albeit completely self-inflicted. The network with a penchant for making itself and its reporters the story is now the subject of universal internet ridicule and rightly so.

Andrew Kaczynski, CNN reporter (formerly of Buzzfeed) who loves to dig through Trump appointee books and academic thesis in search of improper citation, penned a post describing how CNN was able to track down an anonymous Reddit user who claimed responsibility for CNN gif President Trump tweeted. The gif showed Trump punching a figure with a CNN logo affixed in place of a face.

Trump’s tweet here:

In the article, CNN boasted they’d keep the private user’s identity secure, but “reserves the right to publish his identity.”

As Mike blogged this morning, once again, CNN united the privacy-loving internet in their disdain for the bullying cable news network.

As a result, CNN is getting a front seat to an internet phenomena called the Streisand Effect (for its origin of aerial photos taken of Barbara Streisand’s house). Rather than squashing the gif, the internet did what the internet does best — make more gifs.

These are some of the best:

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This is by far the best one. Based on movie “Bloodsport” with Jean Claude Van Damn

Americans…you just can’t repress them…!!!

Not a gif, but a fun meme, anyway.

There are a lot of people who wish terrible parody upon CNN. How cruel and insensitive. How inhuman. How, how… unfair! How can a reputable news agency move ahead when the punch line to a joke is always “This is CNN”?

The question ought to be…… did we end up with this despicable human being as the leader of the free world.

With all these new gifs, CNN’s gonna have to add a few employees to their doxing department.

The news out now is that CNN black mailed the wrong person. The CNN bash Trump posted had a looped vid with WWF logo and a 16:9 aspect ratio the one [email protected] said he did was a GIF with no WWF logo and a different aspect ratio. They threatened to DOX the wrong person.

CNN still making the dirt fly i see

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 5, 2017 at 8:00 pm

May a trillion CNN Smackdown Gifs flourish!

Those are priceless! Makes me proud to be an American.

From now until the end of time, the proper response to any attempted smear campaign — or any question — by CNN should consist of one line:

“Has your network stopped blackmailing children yet?”


Laughing everyday with Sean Spicier.

Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier 11h11 hours ago

CNN wants everyone to stop spreading misinformation. Also, don’t miss the hands up don’t shoot conga line on your next visit to CNN HQ
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Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier 13h13 hours ago

The President will meet with Vladimir Putin Friday. Anyone know what the proper gift is for someone that made you leader of the free world?

Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier 14h14 hours ago

CNN: “The GOP will kill your kids. Next up, we blackmail and threaten a 15 year old”

Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier 14h14 hours ago

Since CNN’s doxxing video makers now, there’s one sitting in prison so Obama could win re-election that probably has a pretty good story

Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier Jul 4

I’m giving the media the benefit of the doubt. Yea they’ve been bad, but after taking the last 8 years off I’d expect them to be rusty

Lefties don’t like mocking? Mock away, mock away…

see “PRESIDENT TRUMP vs. Fake News CNN MEME CONTEST! $1000 Prize (courtesy of”


Nerd prom goes for a stroll on infinite loop in wedgey town.

This aint the movies, the rich kid is gonna win this and every other round.

Could we be witnessing the birth of a new lexicon? Everyone knows what it means to be “Nifonged”, what about CNN’d? (Pronounced sinned) CNNful. CNNical.