Doesn’t news like this make you want to go out and buy a Baconator?

Campus Reform reports:

Students, labor activists demand UNC boot Wendy’s from campus

University of North Carolina students marched through campus Friday demanding the removal of a Wendy’s restaurant from the student union.

According to The Daily Tar Heel, UNC students partnered with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to organize the “Boot the Braids” demonstration, during which they called on Carolina Dining Services to cut its contract with the fast food provider, which has not joined the “Fair Food Program” initiative started by CIW in 2014.

Wendy’s does have a code of conduct that lays out expectations regarding the treatment of workers, but the protesters complain that the complaint process is not transparent, alleging that “systemic human rights violations” occur at Mexican farms that supply produce to Wendy’s.

Fair Food Program participants, on the other hand, must agree to purchase only from suppliers that maintain a “worker-driven Code of Conduct.”

“I think the only way to ensure that that’s not happening, and we’re having food with dignity and just food, is to get corporations to sign on to the fair food program,” said Sarah Benecky, a UNC student who interns at the Alliance for Fair Food, asserting that the program “guarantees the protection of workers, prevents violence, and provides an outlet for workers to contact if they feel unsafe and protect against sexual abuse.”