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Student Union Leader in UK Wants to Make the Koran Required Reading

Student Union Leader in UK Wants to Make the Koran Required Reading

“We would have an islamic takeover!”

Where are all the leftists who are usually outraged by religious influence of any kind?

The Daily Caller reports:

Student Union President: Oppress White People, Make Koran Required Reading For ‘Islamic Takeover’

Zamzam Ibrahim, president of the student union at Salford University in the United Kingdom, has attracted attention for social media posts where she wrote about her desire to “oppress white people” and “have an islamic takeover.”

Responding to the question, “What’s the one book you think everyone should be required to read?” on her AskFM page, Ibrahim said, “The Quraan, We would have an islamic takeover!,” the Daily Mail reports.

Ibrahim was also asked “Can there be friendship between a man and a woman?”

She responded, “I’ve had this debate with many friends! Maybe in some cases but Islamically it’s incorrect for girls to be friends with a guy anyway! So I’m gonna say NO not the kind of friendship they can have with the same gender there is always boundaries.”

And in 2012, Ibrahim wrote on her Twitter, “#IfIwasPresident I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through! #LMFAO”

Finally, Ibrahim also spoke out against the U.K.’s “Prevent” program, which is a post-9/11 program to prevent radicalization among Muslims.

“If elected, I will continue to work with NUS Officers and ARAF campaigns to develop networks to support students and activists affected by Hate Crime, to fight against the disastrous racist PREVENT strategy and support international students and migrant communities,” she said.


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This could be good. Maybe more people would find out what the Koran says about Jews, Christians, and infidels.

Morning Sunshine | July 4, 2017 at 11:31 am

how about this – add in the Talmud and the New Testament and I will agree with this proposal.

Wrathchilde | July 4, 2017 at 1:51 pm

We already have courses that are supposed to require reading of these texts, they’re called Religious Studies.

I agree that a wider exposure to the koran/quran(whatever spelling suits you today), Bible, and Talmud would teach people a lot about these religions, and their beliefs and requirements. I’m not so sure that we would all come to the conclusions that Zamzam wants them to, however.

Add in Norse, Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese beliefs, and we would all be average Dungeons and Dragons players /sarc

When I was a university student I was an avid practitioner of Rastafarianism.

Here is a Short Guide to Comparative Religions

Taoism – Shit happens.
Confucianism – Confucius say, “Shit happens.”
Buddhism – If shit happens, it isn’t really shit.
Zen Buddhism – What is the sound of shit happening?
Hinduism – This shit happened before.
Mormonism – This shit is going to happen again.
Islam – If shit happens, it is the Will of Allah.
Stoicism – This shit is its own reward.
Protestantism – Let this shit happen to someone else.
Calvinism – Shit happens because you don’t work hard enough.
Pentecostalism – In Jesus’ name, heal this shit!
Catholicism – Shit happens because you deserve it.
Judaism – Why does this shit always happen to us?
Zoroastrianism – Shit happens half the time.
Marxism – This shit is going to hit the fan.
Atheism – No shit.
Seventh Day Adventist – No shit on Saturdays.
Existentialism – Absurd shit.
Agnosticism – What is this shit?
Nihilism – Who gives a shit?
Deconstruction – Shit happens in hegemonic meta-narratives.
Christian Science – Shit is in your mind.
Moonies – Only happy shit really happens.
Jehovah’s Witnesses – Knock, Knock, shit happens.
Scientology – Shit happens on page 152 of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
Hare Krishna – Shit happens, Rama Rama.
Hedonism – There’s nothing like a good shit happening.
Rastafarianism – Let’s smoke this shit.

Is this going to get the panties of all the atheist college critters in a twist? Or is Islam an “accepted” religion now?

I think it’s a good idea. Some people, those not blinded by impenetrable ideology, will learn the depth and breadth of islamic evil. Read the hadiths, too.