The scholarship is open to students of varying status including “undocumented” students. Is this appropriate at a time when so many American citizen students are struggling financially?

The College Fix reports:

Smith College to offer scholarship to illegal immigrants

A prestigious New England college has instituted a new scholarship intended in part for illegal immigrant students.

The Marianne Ejier Olds ’47 Scholarship Fund will “support the education of students who are U.S. permanent residents with refugee or asylum status, undocumented students and international students at Smith [College],” according to Smith’s news portal.

The scholarship was established by Jacqueline Olds, the daughter of Marianne Ejier Olds. The elder Olds was an alumna of Smith, having been accepted in 1943 as part of the college’s refugee admissions program after having fled Nazi rule in Europe.

“It is important,” Jacqueline Olds said, “that the college be able to continue to support the educational needs of these students who face unique challenges. Someone needs to stick up for refugees, and I hope this sets an example for others to follow.”

The scholarship, of course, is not limited to “refugees” but is open to international students and illegal immigrants as well.

Smith affirms its commitment to undocumented individuals in its financial aid literature, assuring prospective students that the school “is committed to enrolling a diverse and accomplished student body, regardless of citizenship status.”