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Profs Claim Color Blindness to Race is Unethical

Profs Claim Color Blindness to Race is Unethical

“Color-blind racial attitudes may prevent White individuals from developing a deeper level of awareness of racial oppression”

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like progressives in academia are setting us back years in terms of racial equality?

Campus Reform reports:

Color-blindness is ‘unethical,’ USC profs declare

Two University of South Carolina professors argue in a recent paper that “color-blind racial attitudes” are “unethical” and “can also perpetuate White norms.”

Mary Ann Priester and Ronald Pitner, both of whom teach in the College of Social Work at USC, advanced that claim in a July 19 research article examining the prevalence of color-blind attitudes among psychology students.

Defining color-blindness as “denial or lack of awareness of race-based privilege, institutional racism, and/or racial discrimination,” they argue that “this lack of awareness has been identified as a barrier to developing therapeutic rapport with racially diverse populations.”

“Color-blind racial attitudes may prevent White individuals from developing a deeper level of awareness of racial oppression,” the professors assert, later adding that “deficits in awareness are not only unethical, but can also perpetuate White norms within the professions.”

Because of the harm allegedly caused when white people subscribe to color-blind racial attitudes, the professors surveyed 409 college students to determine the prevalence of “color-blind racial attitudes” among students with varying levels of “diversity exposure.”


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But then, this is exactly what you would expect a race-baiter to say.

Nearly 54 years after some guy brought it up in a speech, a proper understanding of judging a man by the “content of his character” still utterly eludes the left.

    thalesofmiletus in reply to UJ. | July 31, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    MLK was a saint, but don’t read anything he actually said or wrote because das racis.

For half a second I thought that they were finally going to remove the mask.
But nope.
The left will continue to pretend they’re not racist.

Many colleges are having segregated commencements. Example
Some also have segregated dormitories. Examples

George Corley Wallace would be proud. He famously said,
“I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Segregation was long supported by southern Democrats. Looks like the new Democrats and other “progressives” will carry on that ignoble tradition.

I lived in Alabama during legal segregation, and it was a truly destructive force. I haven’t heard anyone advocate segregation who was actually there and experienced it.

    randian in reply to OldProf2. | August 1, 2017 at 12:28 am

    You don’t understand. Blacks segregating themselves from whites is a display of black goodness. Whites segregating themselves from blacks is racist. That’s why whites moving to exurbs to escape violent cities is racist: it deprives blacks of their just due (aka tax revenues).

Translation: If you’re white, you are racist.

I answer them on the same intellectual and emotional level that their critique is offered: bite me, you Nazi toolbags.

I mean, the 14th Amendment of the Constitution; does it still exist, or did someone take an eraser to it?

“Color-blind racial attitudes … perpetuate White norms.” Yes, such white norms as color blindness.

I’m ok with calling this a white norm, and with preferring it over non-white norms, like the disgusting system or racial spoils the left is trying to establish as the next form of totalitarianism in a long line of monstrous evils. Not that calling standards of reason and morality “white” is particularly descriptive or accurate, but on the racial-spoils battlefield that the left has drawn whitness is a strategic high ground that can easily be won and must be won.

Yes, we whites developed all of this science and law and liberty while you other pretenders developed in comparison approximately …. nothing, certainly nothing that is not put to shame by the competing “white” allele. In contrast to color blindness, to judging contributions on their merit, the “non-white” side is nothing but thuggery and tribalism.

“Whiteness” as the left itself defines it (reason and liberty!) is manifestly superior to every non-white thing. Bring it on, anti-white racists. Bring your brain-damaged idiocy out to battle on the field of ideas.

They must be fought where they are attacking and they are attacking with pure racism, rejecting whatever whites say because they are white. Whiteness is the easiest thing in the world to defend, made all the easier by the “non-white” side’s clever trick defining every compelling argument as white.

Seriously, that’s how astoundingly stupid they are: “Hey everybody, just throw every winning argument on the other side into this ‘whiteness’ basket. Then we call it a waste basket and throw it all away!”

It’s a little unkind to those non-whites who are not as stupid as a mud fence, but that is on the anti-white racists. They are the one’s who are declaring reason and evidence and intelligence itself to be “white,” and they have to be defeated.

So fine. In large measure this is true: reason and evidence ARE white, and the anti-white racists are as stupid and nasty and undeserving as any segment of humanity that has ever lived. You’ve got to love a chance to stand on that high ground and rain annihilation down on the evil stupidity of your opposites.

4th armored div | August 1, 2017 at 11:08 am

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Color Blindness to race is UNETHICAL?

Color Blindness to race is THE LAW.

This entire SJW nightmare, where everything is racist, where every white is to blame for every ill faced by minorities, and so forth, all reminds me of raising a 15 year old girl going through puberty and the discovery of boys/social lives.
In the child’s case, everything is the fault of parents who do not understand them, there is a perceived bigotry where whatever the parent does is done simply to hurt the child, the child never gets what they want or think they earned, and emotionally thinking/trauma is constant with occasional spats of violence /anger when they do not get their way. This all occurs all of while living in a house where their every need is met.
Compare that to the SJW and/or certain minorities and the similarities are stark. For the SJW and these minorities, bigotry is everywhere even when it isn’t, everyone is out to get the SJW and the minority, the accomplishments of these young SJWs and many minorities are trivial when placed in the context of what others have done yet they continue to minimize the work of others while claiming their own accomplishments are overwhelming, and violence/emotional thinking is the norm. It does not matter that they live in their parent’s basement, go to school on other people’s money (sometimes borrowed, but followed by demands that the debt be forgiven), or are lifelong welfare recipients, they want and think they deserve more. When they do not get what they want, they amplify minor issues to turn them into justifications for rioting while ignoring their own self imposed issues that are far more damaging while thinking those self imposed issues are unimportant.
The primary and apparently only difference between these two groups is that the 15 year hyper-emotional girl eventually grows up and moves on with her life while the SJW/minority continues this behavior on ad nauseum. Perhaps the real difference is that most parents practice tough love that forces the child to grow up and become a decent and contributing person in society while the government and the media treat the SJW/minority with kids gloves thereby justifying their ridiculous arguments and enabling their absurd behavior. Is it any wonder why the SJW/minority refuses to grow up and become a functional and contributing adult?

Sooooo, let’s see if we’ve got this straight
If one takes notice of race – you’re racist
But if one takes NO notice of race – you’re racist

It seems Dems have never rejected their own KKK history.

Dems are racist as H311