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Prager U: Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Prager U: Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Why is the government so bad at health care?

Anyone who’s purchased health insurance in the last few years is painfully aware of the effects of the government’s soiree into the healthcare business.

Why is Government so terrible at healthcare?

Prager U‘s latest investigates:

Why is the government so bad at health care? Why did Obamacare make health insurance costs go up, and access to medical services go down? The short answer, as six-term Congressman Bob McEwen explains, is that when bureaucrats and politicians spend other people’s money for services they won’t themselves consume, only bad things happen.

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ultraskeptic | July 18, 2017 at 9:41 am

I usually love Prager commentary. But this guy is so determined to invert reality that I couldn’t even watch his diatribe through to the end. He projects the uber-capitalist dogma into regions it doesn’t fit, for instance comparing the benefits of comparison shopping for a television with the competitive advantages of health care. REALLY? I’m going to PRICE CHECK my emergency surgery? Give me a break!
He insists that government has ruined health care for 75 years. Okay, let’s make all access to drugs legal and without prescription. And let me have the unregulated right to do surgery on myself or anyone I might want to offer it to. And, btw, MEDICARE has worked out pretty well, too, despite this doofus’s assertions to the contrary.
Our health care system is twice the per capita cost of the next nearest system in the world, yet still produces outcomes often rivaling third-world countries. That’s not because of government intervention in the market. Just the opposite. It’s because the lying-cheating politicians absolutely refuse to limit the obscene, runaway, profit-driven system which denies real market controls yet also refuses to impose any meaningful government controls. Medicare D, anyone?
I’m really, really, really disappointed in Prager for putting out such a disingenuous piece of pap.

    nordic_prince in reply to ultraskeptic. | July 18, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Even without your preamble, it’s obvious by your flaming straw men that you didn’t watch much of the video.

    Try watching the whole thing through and perhaps then you could come up with a more substantive response, rather than the piece of pap that emanated from your keyboard.

      ultraskeptic in reply to nordic_prince. | July 18, 2017 at 12:28 pm

      Straw men?? Our health care costs are absurd, and the outcomes are qualitatively inferior to numerous other countries, as is our average life expectancy. In what way are those statistics “straw men”?
      Furthermore, the introduction to any piece, whether literature or propaganda, ought to draw one in with its intelligent analysis or seductive reasoning. For him to err right out of the box – and he’s a Congressman … ooops, CongressPERSON, if you’re that PC… leads me to immediately discount whatever it is he says since such folks are generally incapable of speaking truthfully. Hows THAT for a straw man generalization?
      I have no interest in subjecting myself to more idiocy. I prefer reading in any case, but someone who starts out with blatant idiocy has lost my interest from the start.

Unfortunately, the presenter ruins his credibility by offering us the “coup de gras” which means “blow of fat” instead of the “coup de grâce” he really means. Common error of Amerikans, who mostly can’t pronounce “voilà” correctly either.