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Pope Changes Vatican Stance on Baby Charlie Gard

Pope Changes Vatican Stance on Baby Charlie Gard

This should have been said in the first place.

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights caused international outrage when the judges decided to side with British courts to remove life support for 10-month-old Charlie Gard, refusing to allow his parents to take him to America for trial therapy, even though they raised more than $1 million for it. Gard suffers from a rare genetic condition, which has caused brain damage, and he cannot breathe on his own.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life also decided to side with the UK courts instead of taking a stand for Gard’s life.

After immense criticism, Pope Francis released a statement urging Gard’s parents to do everything they can to save their child’s life.

From Vatican Radio:

“The Holy Father follows with affection and emotion the case of little Charlie Gard and expresses his own closeness to his parents. For them he prays, hoping that their desire to accompany and care for their own child to the end is not ignored.”

My friend William Newton posted this update on his Facebook page. The president of Vatican hospital reached out to the UK to let them know it can take baby Charlie:

The president of Rome’s Vatican-owned Bambino Gesù Hospital, Mariella Enoc, said Monday she has asked her health director to ask London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital if terminally ill 11-month-old British boy Charlie Gard can be moved there. “We know that it is a desperate case and that there are no effective therapies,” Enoc said, adding “we are close to the parents in prayer and, if this is their desire, willing to take their child, for the time he has left to live”. Enoc said Pope Francis’s words on the case summed up her hospital’s mission: “Defending human life, above all when it is wounded by illness, is a commitment of love that God entrusts to all men”.

Pope Francis hinted he would take this stance last week when his Twitter account wrote this right after the Council released its decision:

As Daniel Payne at The Federalist pointed out, the Catholic Church is usually “the world’s greatest defender of the right to life, and long a mural bulwark against state intrusion into the rights of the family sphere.” Us Catholics believe all life is precious, which is why we’re pro-life and anti-death penalty. Innocent or guilty, born or unborn.

However, the Catholic Church has faced numerous communication problems since Pope Francis took over in 2013. Mostly due to the media twisting his words to make him appear like a leftist and fit its agenda, but there have been several statements released by the Vatican which has caused some Catholics to groan.

I guess it’s better late than never, but as a Catholic, the statement from the Council of life was a major letdown. I haven’t always agreed with what the Vatican has said, but I always thought I could count on everyone there to defend life, especially when it comes to a baby.


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sjf_control | July 4, 2017 at 6:35 pm

“However, the Catholic Church has faced numerous communication problems since Pope Francis took over in 2013. Mostly due to the media twisting his words to make him appear like a leftist and fit its agenda”

Fake news strikes again!

The lunacy of blind faith. It’s ironic to the extreme that people who consistently call out progressive liberals for being irrational and defending lies and obfuscation, themselves cling to the same. Both call it the Truth. Both are wrong.

    Kid Glock in reply to MrSatyre. | July 4, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    The only one wrong here is you. The plan is to bring him to the US in order to try experimental therapy, not so everyone can pray for Charlie. You’re sick, using this is a platform to attack religious beliefs.

Medical science, moral principles, and human charity prevail. The child will not be denied life, but will follow its evolution to wherever it may lead him.

Trooper York | July 4, 2017 at 8:44 pm

The problem is that this Anti-pope is a disaster. His appointees to the Pontifical Academy for Life wanted to kill this little baby. He put Pro-Abortion theologians on this committee to speak for the Church. He is just doing damage control as he normally does when he is caught out on his heresy.

When they forced out the true Pope we ended up with this sad state of affairs.

It will not be corrected until we get a true Pope.

Thanks to partly to Trump for embarrassing the Pope into it.

The Pope, Just like this charmer?

The Catholic Archbishop of Newark slammed U.S. President Donald Trump Tuesday, painting him as a fear-monger who appeals to the “dark side of Americans.”
In an interview with the French Catholic newspaper, La Croix, Cardinal Joseph Tobin said that the current climate of insecurity “has caused an exaggerated patriotism in the n exaggerated patriotism in the United States,” suggesting that Trump plays on Americans’ fears and desires to see America “great again.

Oh there’s much more in the article at Breitbart…

This guy is the Obama of popes.
(That is quite an insult.)

Pope: You’re doing it wring.

Just think, if it wasn’t for Trump this kid would be dead by now.

What has this world come to when the public must school the Pope on the ethics and tenetss of the church as practiced over centuries?

    Mannie in reply to Cleetus. | July 5, 2017 at 8:30 am

    The original message went out without the knowledge of The Pope. He doesn’t see every detail. When he saw the message, he schooled them on the ethics and tenets of the church as practiced over centuries.

    I suspect some prelate found himself on a tatty square of carpet in front of The Boss’s desk getting a very Curtis Lemay talking to.

Reformed Catholicism is a progressive, “living” interpretation of Christian religious/moral philosophy.

” Us Catholics believe all life is precious, which is why we’re pro-life and anti-death penalty. Innocent or guilty, born or unborn.”

This is preposterous. The second of Christ’s greatest commandments as to love your neighbor as yourself. This does not imply but requires you not to love your own life. Otherwise, if you don’t love your own life, you can not not love your neighbor as yourself. Presumably your neighbor wants to live. It turns Christ’s commandments on its head. A commandment not to love.

But if you’re a fan of weepy candle light vigils or nude-ins in as a response to mass murder, go right ahead.