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NYC Mayor de Blasio Skips Town for G-20 Protests in Germany

NYC Mayor de Blasio Skips Town for G-20 Protests in Germany

Trump: “while the City’s education, infrastructure etc rots under his “progressive” stewardship!”

A New York City police officer and mother of three was assassinated in her vehicle this week. The city also graduated a new class of police officers.

None of that seems to matter to Mayor Bill de Blasio who left town to be with left wing protesters at the G-20 conference in Germany.

The editorial board at the New York Post took him to the woodshed for this:

De Blasio’s right: New Yorkers don’t need him here

It took only a few hours in Germany — where he rushed to, off almost without telling anyone — for Mayor de Blasio to discover what New Yorkers have known all along: He isn’t actually needed at home.

Or, as the mayor put it in a transatlantic call-in to Brian Lehrer’s radio show, “All the issues that need to be attended to, I am attending to . . . regardless of where I am.”

In other words, no one actually needs Bill de Blasio to be at City Hall. Which is how he justifies spending his mornings at the gym in Brooklyn and jaunting off to protest global summits in Europe.

He may be right. After all, as his GOP opponent, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, noted: “He can’t even run the city when he’s here.”

And that’s not the only revelation de Blasio has experienced in Hamburg. He’s also discovered something else every New Yorker has known for decades: Ignoring low-level, quality-of-life crimes destroys the city’s quality of life.

So the same mayor who professes his allegiance to Broken Windows policing — but helped decriminalize such offenses as public urination — now says he wishes he could ban panhandling because it makes him so “frustrated.”

“I’m saying that not as a matter of policy, I’m saying that as a human being,” de Blasio suggested. “I think it’s off-putting.”

This video report from CBS New York covers every aspect of the story:

Robin Eberhardt of The Hill gets to the heart of what this is about:

New York mayor to join protest against Trump in Germany

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) will be the keynote speaker at a protest against President Trump in Germany on Saturday.

The protest is taking place in Hamburg, where Trump and other world leaders have convened for the annual Group of 20 summit.

De Blasio announced Thursday that he would be heading to Germany for events around the G-20 summit, and Bloomberg revealed that he would be participating in protests. The protests will demonstrate against Trump’s policies and the growth of populist, right-wing groups in Europe.

The mayor will speak at an event run by the organization Hamburg Shows Attitude, according to Bloomberg.
“We’re glad to confirm: @NYCMayor on stage on Saturday on our rally for human rights & democracy as keynote speaker,” the organization tweeted Thursday.

The mayor may be trying to court approval from the left for a run in 2020 but that doesn’t matter. He was elected to serve the people of New York City, not to act like a member of the “resistance.”

Eric Bolling of FOX News talked about this on the air yesterday and didn’t hold back:

Donald Trump Jr. had this to say on Twitter:

It’s hard to argue with that.

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If one more New Yorker claiming to know him personally or to have met him tells me that “but he is a nice guy”, I am going to puke. He is not even a “nice guy” in public. He is an unapologetic communist which presumes state-sanctioned violence against a proletariat. That is why Lenin and Stalin killed more Russians than all of their enemies combined. Same goes for Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and the rest. Embracing communism is national suicide on an epic scale.

smart money says those idiots will re-elect him, if only to show they are part of the #Resistance… after all, we re-elected Moonbeam here in #Failifornia.

serves them right if they do: stupid is supposed to be painful, so you learn from it.

De Blassio

I knew deBlasio is dumb; what I didn’t realize is that he is so ignorant,

The voters in NYC don’t practice good punchbowl hygiene.

Actions speak louder than words.

In this case, they fairly scream.

Transparent self-promotion and grandstanding from the odious, erstwhile William Wilhelm. And, completely indefensible, given recent events (e.g., police killings) and the current ailing state of the Big Apple — featuring rampant homelessness, increasing crime, deteriorating services, etc.

If de Blasio wants to run for national office, he should. But, he shouldn’t occupy a municipal office — incompetently — while devoting the bulk of his energies towards his political ambitions.

    Shades of the Peter Principle.

    Another democrat clown trying to rise to his/her/its level of incompetence – though in De Assio’s situation, he’s way past that point.

    Shades of hillary clinton, barack obama, jerry brown, gavin newsom and the rest of the malignant leftist jokes.

CAGW… He should have swam.

Maybe we should revoke his passport, so he can’t come back! The commie without a country… sounds like hollywood could make a movie…

Okay, I’m reposting my comment from another thread. I should have posted it here anyway.

It’s now official. Europe is now being governed by Baltimore ex-mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Europe is now one big government-protected “space to destroy”.

De Blasio just flew out to Hamburg to get pointers on the proper way to destroy NYC. Assassinating police officers one at a time while stranding tens of thousands subway commuters everyday just isn’t getting it done.

De Blasio has messed everything else up so far so he can’t afford to look like the world’s biggest loser ever when his sure-to-be-signature SHTF New York moment arrives, like that Empire State Building suicide jumper landing on an overhang one story down. Now THAT was a NY moment!

judgeroybean | July 8, 2017 at 3:26 pm

Safe and well fed protesters in Germany are rioting in protest of Capitalism. At the same time starving, unemployed, and hopeless people in Venezuela are protesting communism.

G. de La Hoya | July 8, 2017 at 7:49 pm

Silent media should speak of this clown.

Rumor has it, Blassio has met with the Russian ambassador while away.

NL < N

DeBlasio should be arrested upon return to the US for aiding and abetting terrorists.