Planning strategies to take on Republicans and President Trump will be a focus, of course.

Campus Reform reported:

Profs gather to ‘fight the right’ at Socialism 2017 conference

Marxist professors, including some of recent notoriety, are preparing for the upcoming “Socialism 2017” conference, where they will strategize to “build the left” and “fight the right.”

More than 1,500 professors, students, and left-wing activists from around the country are expected to gather in Chicago from July 6-9 in hopes of “fighting injustice and oppression” while resisting the “political system that spawned Trump.”

The four-day event will feature more than 100 meetings addressing topics such as misogyny, Islamophobia, immigration, racism, and much more from a socialist perspective.

A workshop called “How Capitalism Works and How It Doesn’t,” for instance, will make the case that because capitalism “is a system based on incessant accumulation based upon the exploitation of wage labor,” it also therefore “contains within it the seeds of its own demise.”

Other offerings include “Mapping the Enemy: What Is the ‘Alt-Right’?,” “Marxism and Cultural Appropriation,” “Strategies for Anti-Capitalists,” and “Shut it Down? How to Fight the Right.”

Many of the lectures, including the opening plenary, will be delivered by university professors, some of whom have become the subject of recent controversies related to inflammatory political remarks.

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