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Branco Cartoon – Goodfellas

Branco Cartoon – Goodfellas

Don’t cross us

Note: You may reprint this cartoon provided you link back to this source. For more A.F.Branco cartoons at Legal Insurrection click here.


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Be careful Mr. Branco, FNN will ‘dox’ you. 😀

4th armored div | July 6, 2017 at 8:44 am

FNN made a YUGE unforced error 🙂

Excellent. Just needs a speech balloon with the CNN head calling Solo a bully.

Remember those immortal words of Scott Pelley, “It’s time to ask whether the attack … was foreseeable, predictable, to some degree, self-inflicted

Only thing missing is Streisand doing a face-palm …

James Earl Jones needs to get his Darth Vader breather on and update his line “This is CNN”. Then it would be appropriate. Or “I find your lack of faith in CNN disturbing”.

The Fourth Estate strikes back.