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Germany Invites Iranian Connected Imams to Conduct Anti-Terrorism Workshops

Germany Invites Iranian Connected Imams to Conduct Anti-Terrorism Workshops

Government-funded ‘anti-terror workshop’ run by groups loyal to terror-sponsoring Iranian Regime, reports German newspaper BILD

Nothing describes German Chancellor Angela Merkel government’s current approach to counter the growing Islamist terrorism more precisely than the idiom ‘letting the fox guard the hen house.’ In its latest move, the government is funding an ‘anti-terror workshop’ in Berlin and inviting clerics serving the Iranian Mullah regime to preside over the event.

“Federal government supports terror accomplices,” Germany’s leading newspaper Bild commented. Questioning Merkel’s government’s anti-terror strategy, the newspaper asks: “Does [the] federal government want to confront radicalisation of Muslims in Germany with the help of Islamist Mullah Regimes?” The taxpayer-funded workshop is being organised by local Islamic groups with close ties to Iranian Regime, Bild reported.

German daily Bild reported the latest scandal involving Iranian-backed Islamists running the anti-terror workshop:

A three-day workshop against extremism is going to be held in Berlin at the end of July that is being run by organisations that to a degree directly serve the Iranian leadership.

The title of the event is quite a mouthful: “Islamic understanding between reality and radicalism — historic — theological background and social challenges.”

The patron [is] the Ministry of Family Affairs run by Katarina Barley (Social Democrat), in the auspices of “Living out democracy! Proactive against right-wing extremism, violence and xenophobia.”

Official organiser [is] IGS, the “Islamic Association of Shia Congregation of Germany (registered society). According to Verfassungsschutz [Germany domestic intelligence agency] the association has close links to the Islamic leadership of Iran.

The official service provider [is] the al-Mustafa Institute, branch of Iran’s cadre training unit that is entrusted with the task of exporting revolutionary ideology of the Mullahs abroad and even recruits militia for Syria, who fight for the Iran-backed Assad Regime in the civil war.

Reacting to a query by Bild, the Minister of Family Affairs explained that IGS is merely the networking partner in the pilot project “Preventive Network Against Faith-based Extremism.

The money trail runs indirectly, as the [designated] trustee for the pilot project is the Turkish Congregation of Germany (registered society). The public funds from the federal ministry are transferred to the Turkish Congregation. The Turkish Congregation told the federal ministry that it would only gave the money to IGS. “No payments are transferred to the al-Mustafa Institute.” (…)

The workshop takes place in the compound of the al-Mustafa Institute, all registrations run through [institute’s email account], and the website of the institute advertises the workshop — instead of IGS itself. [Translation by author]

Many of the so-called ‘Muslim events’ denouncing Jihadi terrorism are not initiated by German Muslim groups themselves, but often staged under the pressure from Merkel government with no other practical purpose other than to spruce up the image of Islam in the brackdrop of Jihad terror. The government hands out millions to these Muslim organisations in vague hopes of combatting terror and promoting ‘integration’ of Muslims into the German society.

For example, the Muslim demonstration denouncing terrorism after the Paris terror attack at the Charlie Hebdo’s offices two years ago was not initiated by Muslim groups. The idea was peddled by a staffer in Merkel’s own chancellery and paid for by her Christian Democratic Party.

This is the latest scandal in a string of embarrassing revelations that expose the failure of Merkel’s government to address the problem of radicalisation within Germany’s growing Muslim population.

Earlier this week, German media reported an incident in which the Germany’s child care agency left a teenager in the custody of an Islamist. The 12 year-old Iraqi-German ended up planting a nail-bomb at the last year’s Christmas market in the German city of Ludwigshafen.

Last month’s ‘Muslims March’ against ‘violence and terror’ held in the city of Cologne turned out to be a big fiasco. After announcing 10,000 registered participants, only a few hundred Muslim attended the actual rally. Some 200-300 hundred marchers were reportedly flanked by hundreds of German reporters and press photographers as they marched through the city of Cologne.

Chancellor Merkel understands fully well that the upcoming German election, less than 3 months away, will primarily be a referendum over her ill-advised “open door” migrant policy. Her government’s anti-terror program fails to address the ideology of Islamism that drives terrorism. The lavishly state-funded campaigns instead serve as a window dressing for German voters, who are becoming increasingly wary of the ongoing mass-migration from predominately Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

Watch: Merkel, EU slam the U.S. travel restrictions for being discriminatory towards Muslims

[Cover image via YouTube, Extra3 TV]


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Psssst! Germany! They don’t just hate Jews. they hate you too.

It was not enough for the left to replace faith with force, God with mortal gods, science with quasi-science (e.g. conflation of logical domains), life with abortion, relationships with chauvinism (e.g. feminism), and to establish the Pro-Choice Church. They must also marginalize the native population through [class] diversity and reverse assimilation (e.g. cultural destruction, disruption).

So, it’s a three-way match. Christianity vs Islam with Pro-Choice refereeing. God vs Allah with mortal gods braying.

Welcome to the penumbra.

Alternate headline: “Mutter Merkel continues her demand that Germany commit national suicide.”

Two things are in play here:
1) Islam (whether sunni or shia) divide the world into the house of Islam & the house of War. Guess where all of Europe resides?

2) Anything Iran is Shia Islam. The only ‘anti-terrorism’ that interests the Iranians is anti-Sunni terrorism.

Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror. The house of war is in Iran’s sites along with the Saudi sponsored sunnis.

Merkel and her ilk appear to be too stupid to understand the distinction and the difference.

I doubt that Merkel, and the rest of her crowd are “too stupid”to understand what must inevitably be the consequence of their action:
Total islamisation of Europe.

The motive for such is hard to pin down,but, basically, this is the very same crowd whose fervent hope of Soviet conquest came to naught. Liberals, somehow, despise personal freedom. They want rigid control.

This is the typical concept, all over the West. If we in the US are not very careful, the same will happen here. It is, for all intent and purpose, already under way.

Curiouser and curiouser. Merkel and EU leaders supposedly worry over the threat of ethnic-European right wing radicalism while leftist-Spartacist Black Bloc fascists reenact a non-biological atheist driven KristallNacht in Hamburg. But don’t worry, black bloc only hate capitalists. Jews can breath a sigh of relief, yes? Plus, the Merkel funded Irainian conferences on Islamic tolerance will no doubt ensure Jewish religious rights throughout the greater fourth Reich.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 13, 2017 at 8:41 pm

Ok, I see where the Imams have the Anti-Terrorism Workshops dual listed also as “Suicide and You – a Short Course.”

Both courses guarantee you’ll be finished within an hour…….

Germans – Only following the USA’s path.