Mika Brzezinski was doing her best on today’s Morning Joe to undermine the just-released statement by Jared Kushner on his dealings with the Russians. But when Mika tried to tee up former FBI agent Clint Watts to take a shot at the statement, she got what must have come as an unpleasant surprise.

Mika put it to Watts that the Kushner statement, rather than explaining away dealings with the Russians, “raise[s] questions.” But instead of taking Mika’s hint, Watts replied:

“I think Kushner’s statement is good. That we get this sort of transparency. And I believe his account of things.”

Whoops! Watts did throw Mika a bone, going on to say, “if you look at it from the other side, which is more dangerous? That they were knowingly being influenced or unwittingly being influenced?”

Note: When it comes to Russia, Watts has been something of a conspiracy monger, claiming that “every point of contact around president [Donald] Trump has been touched by the Russians,” and that “these people were doing the Kremlin’s work.”

That renders Watts’ expression of belief in Kushner’s statement that much more noteworthy.


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