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Engineers Confused by Microaggressions Workshop at Academic Conference

Engineers Confused by Microaggressions Workshop at Academic Conference

“dealing with snowflakes and trigger warnings.”

Can you blame these folks for feeling bewildered by a segment on microaggressions at this type of event?

Campus Reform reports:

Engineers baffled by ‘microaggression’ workshop at conference

A recent academic conference on advanced manufacturing techniques was interrupted for an hour-long workshop on microaggressions.

Louisiana State University hosted its second annual Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM) RII Symposium on July 24, but some attendees who showed up expecting to learn about advances in engineering were surprised to find themselves instead “dealing with snowflakes and trigger warnings.”

Such was the sentiment expressed on TigerDroppings, a forum for LSU fans, by a user going by the moniker “CuseTiger,” whose profile indicates that he or she is a graduate student with an affinity for Syracuse University.

“Who all has had implicit bias, sterotypes, microinsults, microaggressions, and [T]itle IX training?” the post asks. “Cause I’m at an engineering symposium in lod cook today and have been dealing with snowflakes and trigger warnings all morning. They scheduled an hour for us to learn about all this.”

The post included a screenshot of the Symposium’s agenda confirming that a “workshop/panel discussion” on “implicit bias, stereotypes, microinsults, microaggressions, [and] Title IX” took place immediately before the conference broke for lunch.

“At one point they had us write a microaggression that we gave or someone gave us,” the post continued, providing several pictures of a bulletin board covered with the resulting sticky notes.


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If you are a white male, breathing counts.

this is me not #caring at all about your feels…

now get over it.

nordic_prince | July 30, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Engineers are not the only ones baffled by this bulls***. If I had been required to attend that stupid session, the “microaggression” I would have written on the sticky note would have been “This BS that we are forced to sit through.”

When I worked at a well-known computer company in Cupertino, CA (no, not that one) we had to sit through these laughable HR seminars that were nothing more than a litany of the latest slogans devised by some management guru who knew nothing about product design and development (let alone how to make change at McDonald’s). These seminars did absolutely nothing to “maximize our synergies.”