On CNN this morning, political analyst David Gregory was discussing the lengthy interview that President Trump granted yesterday to three reporters from the New York Times, including Maggie Haberman. Said Gregory:

“It’s striking that the president who spends so much time trying to discredit the news media to convince his supporters simply not to believe outlets like the New York Times, in the end cannot quit Maggie Haberman and that’s just the bottom line. Because he wants legitimacy and he knows you have to go to Maggie and her colleagues who are really the journalists of record on this Trump presidency.”

The MSM has been harsh in its criticism of President Trump’s infrequent traditional press conferences, the curtailing of White House press briefings, and the president’s limited availability to the press. But when President Trump opens himself up to protracted questioning by reporters from an outlet that is generally antagonistic to him, that’s cause for criticism or mocking, too.

Note: Co-host Alisyn Camerota chuckles at Gregory’s “can’t quit” Haberman line. But a dead-serious Haberman can be heard off camera pointing out that “there were three of us.”

Note segundo: The “quit you” meme entered the culture via Brokeback Mountain, a movie depicting the romance between two male cowboys.


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