Math skills are essential for basic life tasks. Why does this need to be politicized as social justice?

Campus Reform reports:

Math skills are ‘essential for social justice,’ CUNY prof claims

A City University of New York (CUNY) professor claims in materials for an online course that math skills are “essential for social justice.”

“Quantitative Reasoning (QR)/Quantitative Literacy (QL) skills are essential for social justice,” Professor Esther Isabelle Wilder writes in the description for an online “Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education” (NICHE).

Citing and quoting from a variety of studies and academic papers in support of her contentions, Wilder offers several definitions of QL, which is described most succinctly as “the ability to understand and use numbers and data in everyday life.”

“While research has shown that many students lack the quantitative skills needed for personal and professional success, this disadvantage is particularly acute among minority students,” she asserts, referencing another scholar’s conclusion that this disparity “appears to be critical in explaining the lower probability of employment of young Black Americans relative to Whites.”

Conversely, she says, strong QL skills “have an empowering effect” because “the ability to analyze, present, and communicate about data are critical for success in today’s technologically-oriented and data-driven world.”