If you need a warning before hearing certain ideas, do you really belong in college?

The College Fix reports:

College students in Oklahoma ask lawmakers to force professors to use trigger warnings

Student government leaders representing universities across Oklahoma recently approved a resolution calling on state lawmakers and higher education regents to force professors to use trigger warnings.

Members of the Oklahoma Student Government Association, which represents colleges and universities throughout the state, overwhelmingly approved the resolution that calls on legislators to pass a law that would require scholars to warn students of any “triggering content.”

The resolution states triggers can include “depictions of rape, sexual assault, abuse, self-harm, suicide, graphic violence, kidnapping and graphic depictions of gore.”

“The Oklahoma Student Government Association urges Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Oklahoma State Government to enact a state-wide policy which mandates the instructor of any course that may include triggering content to list trigger warnings on the syllabus along with a tentative date the content will be covered and provide written notification to students prior to the coverage of said content,” states the resolution, approved in March by a vote of 44 to 2.

The Oklahoma Student Government Association did not respond to several requests from The College Fix over the last week seeking to determine if lawmakers might consider the resolution, or what other feedback the association has received on the resolution.