Russia, Russia, Russia. We’re here to talk about Trump/Russia: get it? Don’t go distracting us with talk of the DNC working with Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump!

This morning on CNN, Alisyn Camerota and John Berman co-hosted a segment with Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign aide, and Dem consultant Hilary Rosen. Miller tried to raise this Politico story, which reported that Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary, meeting with a DNC consultant to research damaging information on Trump and his advisers.

Berman cautiously suggested that, even though the Russia and Trump situations weren’t “apples to apples,” the Ukrainian story could be fruit of another sort. Camerota cut him off: “Isn’t that a red herring? No pun intended.”

Got it, John? Stick to the script!

JASON MILLER: This complete double standard that we’ve seen out there where we saw there was absolutely collusion between the DNC, going and sitting down with the Ukrainians to try to dig up information on President Trump

ALISYN CAMEROTA: That’s not the answer to my question.

. . .

MILLER: There absolutely was 100% coordination, solicitation and collusion between the DNC and the Ukrainians.

CAMEROTA: I know you keep saying that.

HILARY ROSEN: Simply not true.

MILLER: According to the January report in Politico.

CAMEROTA: And you think those two are equal?

. . .

JOHN BERMAN: I will say this. It’s not apples to apples. It just isn’t apples to apples here. But it doesn’t mean that what happened with the Ukrainians isn’t also some type of fruit. It may be a cherry or cranberry, but this consultant to the DNC, according to Politico, did have interaction with the Ukrainians. It’s just at a different —

CAMEROTA: But isn’t that a red herring? I mean, no pun intended.