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Chelsea Clinton Sued, Writer Claims She Ripped Off Book Idea

Chelsea Clinton Sued, Writer Claims She Ripped Off Book Idea

But is there any merit?

Writer Christopher Janes Kimberley of Albany, New York filed a complaint against Chelsea Clinton alleging Clinton committed copyright infringement by ripping off his book idea.

Earlier this year, Clinton released a children’s book entitled, “She Persisted”, a phrase made famous when Sen. Elizabeth Warren was shut down by Senate Majority Leader McConnell for violating floor rules.

Kimberley is suing both Penguin Random House and Clinton, claiming $150,000 in damages, the maximum allowed.

The New York Post reports:

“I did months of painstaking research on my book. Her version looks like a ninth-grade homework assignment,” he vented to The Post. “I am in disbelief.”

The little-known writer claims he sent a pitch for his illustrated kids book, “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart,” to the president of Penguin Young Readers US, Jennifer Loja, in May 2013, according to the lawsuit.

Instead of publishing it, she passed the idea off to Clinton, who cashed in on his hard work, he claims in court papers.

“She Persisted,” published May 30, features at least three of the same quotes from inspiring historical women — including Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Nellie Bly — that appear in Kimberley’s book, along with similar images, the writer claims.

Clinton’s book centers on “13 American Women Who Changed the World” and is an “unauthorized reproduction of [Kimberly’s] work,” court papers state.

“The appearance of impropriety is striking,” he says in the lawsuit.

The writer filed a cease and desist order in April to stop Clinton from publishing the book.

Clinton’s book is a now a New York Times best seller.

Oddly, Kimberley is representing himself.

If we’re being fair here, it’s mighty presumptuous to believe the president of a publishing company read a Facebook message from a stranger and then pitched that idea to Chelsea Clinton, who wrote, or had the book ghostwritten. I’m not suggesting it’s impossible, but it’s certainly improbable.

Making the ordeal even stranger, The Daily Mail reported that Kimberley’s “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart” has been available online and “‘free to the public’ since 2014 for educational purposes.”

Full complaint here:

Kimberley v Chelsea Clinton – Complaint by Legal Insurrection on Scribd

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This guy better watch his 6.

He’ll end up like Seth Rich, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, etc…

It’s a very long list of suicides…

Copyright infringement for an idea? Somebody is confused.

    Ira in reply to Paul. | July 15, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    You have it right, Paul.

    Even if Christian Kimberley had given his entire book to the president of Penguin Young Readers US, Jennifer Loja, and Ms. Loja had passed the idea, and even Kimbeley’s book, on to Chelsea Clinton, there is likely no wrongdoing here.

    I write “likely” because I have not compared the books of Chelsea Clinton and Christian Kimberley. It is possible that Clinton has copied Kimberley’s form of expression.

Not just an idea, he had submitted his entire book.

Dude must have a death wish.

    Not anymore.

    When enough sociopaths thought clinton was going to become president, she could buy their violence and silence.

    As a chronic loser, she can’t protect anyone from prosecution anymore – particularly not for murder.

I’m so excited to share stories of girls & women who didn’t take no for answer on May 30th!

Probably not the first to ask, but is one of the women who won’t take no for an answer her mother?

“It was MY turn, stoopid voters!”

She Plagiarized sounds like a better tile.

DouglasJBender | July 14, 2017 at 7:44 pm

“No, you can’t have another cookie, sweetie. You’ve already had five.”

“But I want another!!”, she persisted.

They should all be sued for lack of originality. Professor Jacobson…please, please, please tell me we have a case!

pass the popcorn…

Chelsea Clinton has her mother’s small brain and her father’s homely looks. A bad combination if there ever was one.

She’s also infantile. This dumbbell never had an original thought in her life.

A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart” has been available online and “‘free to the public’ since 2014 for educational purposes.

The fact that Kimberley’s work was freely available online has little or no bearing on the case provided that Kimberly expressly asserted copyright in the work. Kimberley did authorize one particular fair use exception to his exclusive rights in the work, this being educational purposes.

The fair use exception evaluates several factors including the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes. Clinton’s book falls within commercial purpose which weighs heavily against fair use especially if a comparison between Kimberley’s and Clinton’s book show substantial similarities in expression of the idea.

Here’s an example. LI is online and free. LI asserts copyright by the inclusion of “© Copyright 2008-2017, Legal Insurrection, All Rights Reserved.” at the bottom of each page.

The idea if a blog based on legal themes is not protectable. Several such blogs exist. However, a legal themed blog that copies the expression of LI, such as in layout and formatting would most very likely be found to be a copyright infringement.

Bottom line: this putz really does have a face you want slap. But her mother’s, first.

Or may we can do a Three Stooges thing, and slap them both at the same time – when she takes the grandkid to visit nanna in prison.

My goodness….Chelsea is looking more and more like Webb Hubbell everyday!