Earlier today, President Trump tweeted out what has been reported to be a WrestleMania video from 2007 in which he took down a wrestler outside the ring. In the place of the wrestler’s head, the CNN logo has been superimposed. See video from Trump tweet below.

Carl Bernstein had a dark and apocalyptic reaction on CNN’s Reliable Sources today. Notably, Bernstein said that the video goes to questions raised by “military leaders” about “the stability of the President of the United States.”

In any case, just what was Bernstein suggesting, by asserting that “military leaders” are questioning President Trump’s “stability?”

BRIAN STELTER: On Twitter [Presiden Trump is] wrestling with . . . us. Look at this video from his Twitter account this morning. This is a WWE WrestleMania video from years ago when Trump used to show up at WWE events. You can see that the CNN logo has been superimposed onto the other fighter’s face.
. . .

I’d love to hear your reaction first, Carl, to this anti-CNN video from the president this morning.

CARL BERNSTEIN: First, it’s not just anti-CNN. It’s anti-freedom of the press. It’s anti-freedom of speech. It is a definitive statement by the President of the United States. I think also, goes to the question that many military leaders in this questions [sic], questions raised by military leaders in this country now. By the intelligence community. By people in Congress, about the stability of the President of the United States. This is an index of his state of mind. Visually. It’s very disturbing. There’s nothing like light-hearted about it whatsoever. It is an incitement. It is definitive, as I say, in the way this president views a free press and its exercise under the First Amendment to the Constitution.