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Cal State East Bay Seeks Prof to Bring Social Justice to Shakespeare

Cal State East Bay Seeks Prof to Bring Social Justice to Shakespeare


The left won’t be satisfied until every academic subject is put through the progressive wood chipper.

The College Fix reports:

University to hire professor who can teach Shakespeare through social justice lens

The wit and wisdom found within the works of William Shakespeare may soon be taught through the lenses of social justice and identity politics at one public university in Northern California.

California State University East Bay seeks to hire an assistant professor of English who has an eye toward “diversity” while teaching renaissance and medieval literature, with a special emphasis on Shakespeare, according to a recent job posting.

“Candidates must demonstrate awareness of innovative pedagogy and issues of diversity and social justice, as well as evidence of teaching effectiveness,” states the listing, posted earlier this month. “Candidates who bring global approaches to their teaching and scholarship are preferred. Candidates who engage with issues of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality in their teaching and scholarship are preferred.”

Jesse Cantley, a spokesperson for Cal State East Bay, told The College Fix that the job requirements reflect the school’s mission.

“As the fifth most diverse university in the United States, diversity and inclusion are paramount to the work we do at Cal State East Bay,” Cantley said via email.

Cantley also stated the focus on social justice is consistent with their learning goals for graduates, approved by the University Senate, “which state that Cal State East Bay graduates should be able to ‘apply knowledge of diversity and multicultural competencies to promote equity and social justice in our communities.’”


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A degree from that place must be so valuable.

So Shakespeare has to be Bowdlerized yet again?

Or perhaps they’ll just footnote him to death.

Fifth most diverse? Where is this list?

Just make crap up. It is the norm.

Doesn’t that ear ring on his left ear mean he is heterosexual? He must be destroyed! smh

    Walker Evans in reply to Old0311. | July 18, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    If you want a clue to the Bard’s sexuality, research his will. He left his “second best bed” to his wife … who got the best one?

Then again, perhaps the battle for academic humanities was lost some time ago, when English descended into theories that conveniently moved the critic to stage-center and the author into the wings (because what the author produced was mere “text” and devoid of meaning until a high-theory critic could tell you what it meant), and music and drama descended into politics and valorizing lowest-common-denominator popular entertainment, and, well, this run-on sentence is long enough already.

But how long has it been since one could actually learn something meaninful in a college humanities course? So, they’re trashing Shakespeare- is anyone surprised, and at this point does it make any difference anyway? If you really want to do something with humanities you can take a MOOC, you can join an online reading group, you can join or organize a community theater or orchestra or garage band. After all, it’s not as if writers or musicians learn how to write or perform or compose by going to college.

I’d be more concerned about the imposition of Title-IX type proportionality quotas for STEM courses than academic humanities, which are mostly a lost cause by now anyway. I can’t think of any one thing that would harm the USA’s international competitiveness quite as much as imposing quotas (with their inevitable watering-down of content, so flunk rates don’t rise too much) to STEM.

And, yes, Hillary Clinton (who just might have had her federal Dept. of Ed. impose such quotas) lost, so we have a reprieve.

For now.