Diversity is great. We get it. But does a university really need over 20 diversity programs?

The Daily Caller reports:

Largest Christian University In Texas Running 22 Diversity Programs

There’s no shortage of diversity initiatives at Texas’s Baylor University, which holds the distinction of being the largest Christian university in the Lone Star state.

The College Fix reports that the Waco, Texas academic institution has 22 diversity programs now running — an accomplishment that only took Baylor one year to achieve. It all begins with Diversity 101: where faculty and staff are trained in in the thriving diversity culture. At the heart of the program is a stated desire to employ more non-white faculty and to inform the student body through workshops on such things as “cultural humility.”

The mushrooming of diversity at the university all started with the creation of an advisory council on diversity that reports directly to the university’s president. That spawned such things as a diversity webpage, the Faculty of Color Alliance, the Black Student Union, the Latinx Coalition and the Asian Coalition.

The woman responsible for this change is Elizabeth Palacios, the special assistant on diversity, who says the emphasis has its roots in the university’s Christian perspective.