London’s Natural History Museum had to correct a mistake on one of its signs after a 10-year-old boy noticed an error.

Charlie has always loved paleontology and insisted to his mother that the museum used a picture of a Protoceratops on a sign meant for the Oviraptor. From The BBC:

On one labelled Oviraptor – a dinosaur with a beak that walked on its hind legs – there was instead the outline of a four-legged Protoceratops.

Charlie knows his dinosaurs, his mother Jade said.

“He’s loved palaeontology since he was very young and started reading encyclopaedias when he was about three.

“Charlie has Asperger syndrome and as part of that, when he likes a subject he will try and find out everything about it.”

Charlie explained: “I found a side-by-side comparison to the dinosaur, and I saw it said Oviraptor, but then the shape of the dinosaur was wrong and we told a member of staff.”

His mother said: “When he told us, we said, ‘OK, we know you’re good, but this is the Natural History Museum.

“It turned out Charlie was right.”

A spokesman said the dinosaur gallery had been “refurbished several times” and “an error has been made”.

The museum was “very impressed with Charlie’s knowledge” and the sign will be corrected, he added.